10 Easy Tips to Improve Computer Performance

Many pc issues may be solved with loose or low-fee products or just utilizing a few common experience guidelines to improve performance and keep your PC running for a long time.


Computers often freeze or crash while one desires them the maximum; within the middle of a critical presentation, a term paper is due the next day, or even as updating our financial software. Many pc problems may be solved with unfastened or low-cost merchandise or just using some common experience suggestions to enhance performance and maintain your PC running for a long time.

1. Registry Scan – The registry cleaner scans the registry to trace the obsolete date, deletes it to allow your pc to run error unfastened, and beautifies the overall performance of your laptop. Most cleaners have a backup function that will help you backup your registry before cleaning it if you come across a system failure. You can get a free registry cleaner or trial model. My opinion is to pick out an authorized registry cleaning software program for this purpose, like Registry Easy.

2. Virus Scan Program – The most important component to have is a plague test run weekly. Most new computers come with a virus experiment already established. If the pc you are using doesn’t have a virus scan, there are loose scans to be had online. However, one clearly should be established for your laptop if you spend any time in any respect online. Spend the time getting to know the way to use your virus scanner. Find out how it’s updated – maximum replace routinely – and use the alternatives to set it as much as run routinely at a set time each week. Most computer problems may be prevented just with the aid of having an epidemic scanner hooked up.

Three. Run the Defragmenter application – Another program you must run approximately every month is Disk Defragmenter. Defrag will set up your files higher so your PC can get admission to them faster. It’s fine to run this application after the Scandisk application is completed.

To run the Disk Defragmenter pass, returned to the “System Tools” and selected “Disk Defragmenter.” It’s high-quality to run this application in a single day as it takes a long term.

You have to now not use those applications even as the use of different programs on your laptop. If the Scandisk or Defrag program keeps beginning over, you could want to run the programs in Safe Mode, a special diagnostic mode. Read the guide for your PC to find out a way to put your PC into Safe Mode.

Four. Use a Firewall software – For all people on a DSL or cable connection, a non-public firewall keeps viruses, hijackers, and hackers out of your computer. Since you’re constantly connected to the internet using those connections, there may be a steady danger that others may try to get admission to your pc. There are loose firewall programs to be had for download.

5. Run Spyware software – Another crucial program is the adware seek program. When you download something from the net now and again, other software is included. This software program is called “spyware,” and it can do much stuff to damage your laptop, including letting someone from any other website see what websites you surf, which will ship you advertising and marketing. Other spyware tries to steal your passwords or other private statistics. It will help if you run a spyware checker at the least as soon as a month or at any time you are experiencing troubles with your connection or computer speed.


6. Run a hijacker search program – Another essential application to have is a hello-Jacker seek program. A hello-Jacker changes your homepage to a distinct seek engine web page and can also block hyperlinks to common search pages. They are trying to force you to use their homepage. Some of the hijacker’s homepages aren’t pages you would really like your youngsters to look at. You should use a hijacker search application at least as soon as a month or whenever you have a hassle along with your homepage.

7. Clear your transient files – Sometimes, your PC’s virtual reminiscence becomes complete. When this occurs, your computer may run gradually, give you blunders messages or freeze during software. This occurs because the whole thing you do to your PC – each image on every website, every document you type, each photo you change – is stored somewhere on your PC, even after you have got left that page and closed the document. To erase this reminiscence, you need to do the following steps:

8. Change your records alternatives – Another way to ease your computer’s reminiscence is to exchange how many days it saves visited pages. You will find a “records” box to your net options. It asks how many days you want to keep pages in history. This is the part of the pc that saves all pages you’ve visited for as many days as you desire. By saving these pages for a smaller wide variety of days, you could resolve more of your PC’s reminiscence.

Nine. Clean out vintage files – Periodically going thru the files in My Documents or different folders you have installation and deleting or archiving them on a CD also can help your PC’s memory and overall performance. Do you actually need to hold a stored copy of the ultimate semester’s English time period paper? If not, delete it. You can also undergo the programs for your PC from the control panel and delete those you no longer use. Don’t delete any of the shared documents, though, if it asks, due to the fact which could reason extra issues.

10. Reboot the PC now and again – The last factor this is very important to do but seems easy is to turn your pc off periodically. Your PC needs to be restarted so one can reset itself after new applications or system is established. It also erases the digital reminiscence from the ultimate session and goes through a self-diagnostic to search for any problems. It sounds like an easy solution, but most issues can be fixed honestly by restarting your PC.


Troubleshooting your PC’s troubles would not value a variety of money or require technical knowledge. By using just a few software program applications and common sense, most problems can be stopped, and you may locate that your PC has better overall performance and reliability.

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