12 Free and Essential WordPress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins Summary

The vast idea of plugins is to make your challenge much less hard running a WordPress blog, however from non-public experience, locating a plugin that does what you want it to do can frequently be an irritating assignment in itself!

WordPress Plugins

I cannot start to trust what number of essential WordPress Plugins.

With a developing list of over 20,000 plugins, now and then, it is a touch tricky figuring out simply which plugins to apply! This is a quick assessment of 12 vital WordPress plugins that each WordPress Blog needs to have. The accurate information is (at the time of writing this) they are all certainly free. The under important WordPress plugins relate to improving WordPress capability, safety, seek engine marketing, and Social Marketing.

#1 – Secure-WP

Security needs to be your first subject constantly. At the same time, something is available publicly on the internet – that is why I rank Secure-WP as one of the most crucial WordPress plugins available. Don’t get me incorrect – WordPress does an amazing mission natively of securing your Blog, providing which you maintain the model updated.

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However, Secure-WP bolsters that security and the aid of removing oodles of data that could be utilized by hackers and getting rid of some sensitive material from non-public money owed at the identical time keeping these records inside the administrator’s account. Good stuff!

#2 – Spam Free WordPress

Spam is a HUGE hassle with WordPress blogs, making an anti-junk mail plugin one of the most crucial WordPress plugins. I use Spam Free WordPress, which seems to be doing pretty properly. Over the course of a 6-month length, it has blocked over eight,000 direct mail feedback, quite a number that looks to develop exponentially. Now consider having to go through forty-50 direct mail remarks regular with the day! One of the important things we use plugins is to keep time, and Spam Free WordPress actually accomplishes this!

Essential WordPress Plugins #3 – W3 Total Cache

After security and junk mail are taken care of, website velocity is the subsequent component that includes thoughts. No-one is going to wait around for 30 seconds on your internet site to load, so website online speed is crucial. I’ll now mention a couple of vital WordPress plugins that assist supercharge your website.

The first is W3 Total Cache. This plugin is massively famous, downloaded almost 1.2 million times! It facilitates boosting your website with the aid of enhancing server standard overall performance, caching each difficulty of your net site, lowering download instances, and supplying obvious content material transport network (CDN) integration. In quick, it makes your WordPress Blog faster!

#4- WP-Optimize

WordPress is database driven. The greener the database is, the quicker pages can be accessed from the database, the faster your net web page masses for your traffic. However, over the years, a WordPress database can emerge as polluted with needless records (which incorporates deleted content material, junk mail feedback, antique web page revisions, and plenty of others). This increases the database’s overall size and will grow to get right of entry to instances to that database. The stop gives up result – your pages take longer to open.

WP-Optimize cleans up your database mechanically and continues it streamlined by way of the usage of eliminating unnecessary information on an ongoing basis.

#5 – WP Database Backup

In terms of essential WordPress plugins, backing up your facts is proper up there. It’s something anybody leave till it is too past due, after which need we hadn’t. WP Database Backup makes it easy to backup the core. The key difficulty here is that you are capable of without issues backup your internet page with WP DB – and if you want to be can rent a freelancer to restore your websites; I could remember who might rate within the area of $25-50 – loads less of a headache than rebuilding your internet site from scratch!WordPress tables.

The one disadvantage to this plugin is that it’s miles a little complex to restore if something does happen in your website online. There are possibility plugins out there, which are probably plenty greater person-pleasant, including Backup Buddy, but this is unfortunately now not a free plugin, priced at $seventy-five for two WordPress sites.

#6 – Broken Link Checker

There’s no longer something more irritating than clicking on a link and getting the “page now not determined” errors. While that is frustrating for the tourist, it additionally typically has the effect of pushing that tourist (and capability patron) away from your net web page. The Broken Link Checker can display links to your posts, pages, feedback, the blogroll, and custom fields and reviews broke links to you both thru your WordPress dashboard or through e-mail.

Essential WordPress Plugins #7 – Google XML Sitemaps

There are loads, if now not heaps, of search engine advertising associated plugins. Only a handful of these I would possibly consider important WordPress plugins. The first is Google XML Sitemaps. A sitemap is essentially an avenue map of your internet site, outlining all the man or woman pages and how they hyperlink together – their structure. Google and the alternative principalships use such sitemaps to greater efficaciously move slowly and index your web page.

Google XML Sitemaps automatically creates this sort of sitemap and continues it updated as you add the new content material cloth. Moreover, it notifies all crucial search engines like google each time you create and submit new content material cloth.

#8 – All in One seek engine advertising Pack

All in One search engine advertising is the maximum well-known seek engine advertising plugin for WordPress blogs. It helps you optimize pages and posts thru robotically generating meta tags and optimize internet web page titles. The splendid issue approximately the All in One search engine optimization Pack is that it’s far without a doubt useful out of the field, requiring very constrained configuration, making it terrific for those new to WordPress and seek engine advertising.

#9 – Ultimate Follow Me

Perhaps my “preferred” of the essential WordPress plugins listed properly here. Ultimate Follow Me is, in truth, a WordPress element bar widget that links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and specific Social media systems. It now also consists of Google +1, which appeared in a completely distinguished manner to boom you are looking for engine scores.

I actually have demoed quite some of the one’s Social advertising plugins. While all of them do quite an outstanding deal the identical trouble, Ultimate Follow Me commonly provides the social media icons a touch “prettier.” There are numerous sizes to pick out from and appear remarkable inside the sidebar – your visitors are certain now not to overlook them!

#10 – Shareaholic

Another of the important WordPress plugins I can not do without! The plugin mechanically creates a suitable little social advertising bar at the bottom of your posts. Humans can like your publish on Facebook, Tweet it to their Twitter account, or proportion on many, many social bookmarking websites.


At the time of writing this, Shareaholic helps 85 web sites! It also is to be had in 3 flavors, conventional bookmarks, horny bookmarks, and sassy bookmarks. Once you have decided which social web sites to use, Shareaholic robotically posts the links to the bottom of every web page or put up – even though you do have the option to override the plugin on a consistent web page basis, so it does now not show.

#11 – Google Analytics Dashboard

The Google Analytics Dashboard tracks web page visitors to each of your pages from inside your WordPress dashboard, so no need to login to your Google Analytics account! You can also embed components of the analytics straight away into posts or, as a part of your challenge, be counted. One caveat to this plugin is that it no longer displays the entire information you can get from your Google Analytics account. It does provide you with the essential data you want to see who is traveling what, which is trendy what I look for in my Analytics account anyway.

#12 – Page Links To

Me for my part, this is one of the maximum vital WordPress plugins I use. I use it on the complete as regards the content material I use on the front web page. The front internet page descriptions of Blogs normally take the number one 200 characters or so of the actual article web page and show them because of the advertising wordage.

On occasion, I no longer need to apply the first 200 characters of my articles because the wordage that indicates on the front page, referring to that article, so what do I do? I create a further net page with the words I need to use and use the Page Links To plugin to redirect that web page to the actual put up.

Essential WordPress Plugins Summary

The trendy idea of plugins is to make your procedure much less complex walking a WordPress weblog, but from personal enjoyment, finding a plugin that does what you want it to do can often be a hectic assignment in itself!

I can not begin to consider what number of plugins I actually have examined over the years. The above 12 loose and essential WordPress plugins have been controlled to show their well worth time and time again.

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