7 Reasons Why Fleece Joggers Are Trending This Season

Joggers are no longer the new cool kid on the styling block. They have made their prominent mark in streetwear and high fashion for quite some time, and you can rest assured that this trend is here to stay. Now, Joggers have gone a style upgrade in the form of their fleece counterparts.

The fleece joggers are the latest in the fashion world, and everyone, from fashion bloggers to stylists to celebrities, cannot get enough of this new trend. After all, what is not to love about the fleece joggers? They are easy to carry off and give you the maximum style with minimum effort. Here is a list of the top seven reasons you should embrace the fleece joggers trend if you haven’t already.



1. They are the upgraded version of typical jogger pants

Did you ever dream of leaving the house in your gym-worthy jogger pants and not being afraid of getting judged? Well, fleece joggers are here to give you that chance. These are not just another one of your Saturday sweats fit to be worn to the gym only. These are not as slouchy as the other kinds of joggers, and the best part is that you can pair them up with anything from tee shirts to shirts. This upgradation on the typical joggers is not the least sloppy as they are well designed.

2. They are more comfortable than other joggers

These upgraded fleece joggers are not just approved by the top stylists whenever you are out and about but are also more comfortable than the typical joggers. The right pair of joggers should be a bit fitted but not look too clinched at the ankle and waist with enough room all through your leg. You can wear fleece joggers every day, even when you go out to lunch or brunch invitation. You need not wish you had changed into your ‘eating pants’ before going out.

3. They are a great alternative to skinny jeans

Joggers need not be all roomy and slouchy; you can set aside those pairs for your gym clothes. You might have been on the skinny jeans team for a long time, and if you want some change in your wardrobe, grab a pair of fleece joggers. Get the fleece joggers with a slim fit at the ankle, just like your favorite pair of skinny jeans, and you can finally give room to breathe to your legs. The silhouette makes the legs look long and slender and is forgiving enough to look great on all body types.

4. They are easier to pull off than you think

It is easy to get fooled by the fleece joggers’ street-style status, but they are much more than that. The fleece joggers are not just for the top fashion bloggers and celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé (though they are the biggest supporters of this trend). They are the smart option to jazz up your weekend attires and a great style option for girls who believe in cool dressing. Anything you can pair up with jeans can be paired with fleece joggers.

5. The fleece joggers can be dressed down or up

These joggers are the easiest to dress up or dress down, which is one of the many reasons they have become the apple of the eyes of the fashion-forward population of the world. You can take the joggers from a day to night look completely. Slip on the Source:

7. You get the fleece joggers at a variety of prices

There has long been a movement about how fashion should be made affordable for all, and fleece joggers are the best representation of the cheap style. You can set your budget at anything, and you will find a fleece jogger within that range. The designer pairs come for around $400, and the regular teams can be bought for as little as $30. Imagine getting a great group of pants at the cost of your sofa cushions; isn’t that superb? These are quite a catch, given the number of wears you can get out of one pair of fleece joggers.

The time to add more fleece joggers to your wardrobe is right now, as these are more than a passing trend. With more and more brands focusing on athleisure as part of their clothing range, fleece joggers are going to many more years of reining the fashion charts.

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