A Case Study on Selecting Contract Management Software

Apex Environmental specializes in consulting and remediation as a complete fitness, protection, and environmental offerings firm. The company’s professional, technical, and area experts are located in 10 workplaces across 25 states, and services consist of compliance, environmental assessments, remediation, fitness and safety, software control, electricity management, and information technology.


All clients of the path require careful monitoring, reporting, and invoicing of real hard work and direct venture expenses. However, the enterprise’s government customers also call for strict adherence to necessities defined through CAS, FAR, and DCAA. In operating with their authorities contracts, Apex staff members must meticulously account for allowable overhead rates (that may vary appreciably from settlement agreements); they should observe strict tips for time and price access and report venture direct and overhead charges on pre-accredited government bureaucracy.

Besides being an environmental consultancy, sincerely charging costs for expert offerings, Apex also has a $6 million construction division that plays actual remediation paintings inside the subject. Apex staff should also handle production-associated activities, produce purchase orders, manage subcontractors, and hire and pay production employees supporting this department.

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Apex Environmental has attempted to address this complicated mix of statistics monitoring and reporting requirements in a ramification of methods over the years. During its first, fThe company used a manual report-preserving system commercial enterprise, the company using the manual system employer leaders bought a simple accounting application to automate the operation. That software controlled the business’s financial aspects but presented no support for the governmental reporting necessities.

Thinking they had observed the answer, Apex bought an accounting device designed specifically for government contractors. While this application did a higher process of dealing with information wanted for authorities reporting, its challenge control and trendy reporting skills had been vulnerable. To compensate for the accounting software’s lack of capability, office employees used numerous spreadsheet and word processing programs to generate reviews and other files in the codecs they wished. As a result, workers’ body was constantly re-coming into records from the accounting gadget into these supplementary programs – a time-ingesting and irritating duplication of the attempt.

“We didn’t need a different software program for exclusive types of paintings,” explains Winston. “The software we had been seeking out had to have the ability to do everything we needed it to do on each personal and government-area work.”

Cost became every other attention. Apex leaders desired a gadget that might meet all modern-day wishes, increase its capacity to meet future needs, and sell for an affordable price. The employer did no longer want to spend $ 100,000 for a software gadget, even one that could handle their wishes.


After extensive investigation and product comparisons, Apex Environmental selection-makers selected a business gadget from Wind2 Software that fully integrates well-known accounting functions with challenge invoicing and reporting price range control, profit analysis, worker control, value idea development, bills receivable tracking, and authorities settlement control. The system is bendy enough to handle the agency’s blend of customers and sports nowadays, and its scalability enables it to do more as the employer grows.

“We needed software that would let us focus on being a clever business first, even as nonetheless handling our government contract particular needs absolutely,” says Winston. “Wind2 enables us to successfully cope with all of the requirements of our federal, state, and nearby authorities’ tasks without sacrificing proper, strong, and easy commercial enterprise practices. That flexibility makes this software nicely desirable to an organization with many distinctive activities and a combination of government and private region paintings.”

Like all government contractors, Apex Environmental should follow all government accounting requirements (e.g., G., FAR, CAS, Incurred Cost proposals, DCAA steering) and assemble them for government audits. According to Winston, the corporation saves loads of person-hours every month to eliminate the use of spreadsheets and easy accounting software to satisfy the stringent audit and reporting requirements of their authority contracts. These current sources are freed to help ongoing paintings and land new contracts.

Apex’s new software is geared to satisfy the 17 agreement and billing kinds described by DCAA, such as constant price, fee-plus, and time and substances. It addresses “Other Transaction Authority” (OTA) contracts and properly dles timekeeping practices, direct and indirect charges, overhead and G&A quotes, unallowable costs, pre-award charges, incurred value proposals, and invoicing Britain two months of installing the new software, Apex can lessen its accounts payable workforce thru attrition from six humans to five. Staff individuals do not want to manually calculate expense charges or input facts into two systems to review. And they have immediately admitted to monetary and undertaking statistics unavailable to them.

Winston explains this: “When a supplier calls asking about a price, the body of workers members can now question the database to discover the answer. Instead of searching through old difficult copy reports and documents, we relate the vendor document and drill down into the database to look at all of ated invoices and payments.”


According to Winston, Apex Environmental has the gadget it wishes to deal with its complex spectrum of presidency and private zone paintings. Organization leaders know that as their commercial enterprise continues to develop and evolve, the Wind2 system’s inherent flexibility and scalability will let them amplify its capability in any path they choose.

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