Blogging Tips For Beginners

You may have already got a blog or want to begin a new weblog, so here are running blog recommendations starting from selecting the blog call (area call). Please read the following 25 running blog recommendations to construct a better blog.


Following are Blogging pointers useful before beginning a new weblog or writing a new put-up. These are vital for seo.

1) First, do keyword research for the weblog subject matter/subject. Finding famous keywords associated with your weblog or post topic is essential. As a minimum, you will need 2-3 key phrases to be used in weblog identity and around ten keywords to put up titles first.

2) Try to use the key phrases in the area name, blog title, put up title, publish content, hyperlink, ALT tag, TITLE tag, etc. In a herbal manner. This will help you to get a higher search engine rating.

Three) Try to restrict no. Of your labels/classes, round 20. Use the tag or label cloud if you want to store space. If you have many subjects on one weblog, try to regroup and relabel. If completely one-of-a-kind topics are combined on one blog and have enough no. Of posts for each subject matter, then begin a new weblog for that subject matter.

4) Do now, not replica vintage posts of a blog on a new weblog. You can get penalized for duplicate content material. It would help if you eliminated vintage reproduction from the hunt engine and uploaded an equal post on the new weblog.

5) Use put up name optimization widget in this weblog for blogger / Blogspot weblog so that you get a higher seek engine ranking. WordPress bloggers can use a plugin like All one search engine optimization for meta tag and name optimization.

Following are running blog tips associated with the appearance and content of the weblog.

6) The look and layout of the weblog should be nice, neat, and exquisite so that it may create an appropriate impression on the traveler, and he ought to sense to live extra and visit once more. Content excellent must also be desirable for this.

7) Navigation and layout must be such that tourists must find the current posts and labels effortlessly. If recent posts and Labels are close to the top of the facet bar, they will be visible on the first screen of the weblog, and the tourist could have a quick idea of what the blog is ready for and can soar to his topic of interest fast.

Eight) Use pictures and pix wherever viable to make your post colorful and appealing. Do photo/photo optimization as defined in my earlier publication. Do want to use huge photographs, you can use medium to small images.

Nine) The blog’s loading time has to be now not very lengthy, or the vacationer will run away earlier than the page opens. Hold a look at what widgets/code you are putting in and whether it slows down the loading. If you are loading pix, ensure the file size is not large.

Do now not use BMP documents; you could use jpg and png documents. Also, check the photograph length. You can do all this with the use of Photoshop. As every so often snaps shots load slower from outside assets; take a look at that still.

Blogging recommendations associated with writing and traffic

10) Write your submission after proper studies and gathering total data. Do not write too lengthy. Use grouping, paragraph, and subtitling for arranging the data in a post frame.

Eleven) Writing language should be smooth to apprehend and, wherever possible, write funnily. If a tourist enjoys your submission, he’ll come back.

12) Give links to useful sources associated with your subject matter. Also, provide links in your earlier posts with the right anchor textual content anyplace feasible. This improves the internal linking of your blog.

Thirteen) Encourage the reader to participate/remark. You can also run a contest or survey for your blog and hold a few prizes.

14) Use a lovely and expert searching theme/template and header image in your blog. Many unfastened templates are available, so you can effortlessly get one suitable for your weblog. Choose three column template which makes use of complete 1024 X 768 resolution. This gives you more space.

15) The font color and length should be such that the weblog must be readable in extraordinary display decisions—other blogging suggestions to boom readers and revenue.

16) Burn your feed at Feedburner and provide subscribe through the e-mail facility for your RSS feed.

17) Check your weblog visibility and feed in a one-of-a-kind browser, especially in internet explorer and Firefox.

18) Try to boom your RSS feed subscriber and use AdSense for feed to show Google AdSense on the feed.

19) Use Google AdSense or different commercials in the published frame, proper hand sidebar, and below the header. Use the AdSense hyperlink unit with labels or hyperlinks or beneath the title. Match the background shade of AdSense with a weblog or publish history coloration.

20) Read my publish on blog site visitors guidelines to build visitors from sources other than a search engine.

Following are precautionary running blog recommendations.

21) There must no longer be many outgoing links (pointing to different websites/blogs) inside the post or sidebar. Remove useless outgoing links. Place all outgoing hyperlinks close to the bottom of the proper hand aspect bar or footer.

22 ) Do not purchase or promote links for hyperlink building.

23) If paid posts are a must for you, hold it minimal or have a separate website/blog for paid posts or articles.

24) As stated above, no longer write the same submit once more ( reproduction content ). Do not edit vintage publish titles and content material for search engine optimization.


25) Do not have METATAGS handiest for foremost home URL of blogger blog, as it can be used for all the put up, and you will get replica metatag errors in Google webmaster tools. You are also misguiding and perplexing search engines by having an equal meta tag for all posts. So you can use a script/widget to give one-of-a-kind METATAGS to men’s or women’s commands. WordPress bloggers may have METATAG for men or women put up via the All in one search engine optimization plugin.

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