Buying and Selling Virtual Items on eBay

Many online game players spend plenty of time and effort getting their game characters rare and treasured gadgets. These are generally referred to as digital objects. Because of their price, some gamers are inclined to pay a variety of cash to get them or make money by selling them. But for eBay customers, shopping for and selling those items isn’t allowed. In this manual, you’ll examine what’s and isn’t always allowed when it comes to listing your recreational goods on eBay and different places.


Virtual gadgets include the subsequent: sport foreign money, recreation gadgets, and game debts/characters. Basically, if you use it in the sport or if it handiest exists in the sport, it’s miles a virtual object. Generally, sports builders keep the rights to all the in-game items. (Remember that large list of ‘terms and conditions’ you agreed to while you hooked up the software program? That becomes the game developer telling you the game stuff is theirs and now not yours.) No, be counted how much time you spend playing the sport or how a lot you pay at subscription prices, you, as a gamer, are generally taken into consideration a renter of these digital gadgets, now not an owner. That is why selling or shopping for sports gold from online services can get you banned from the game. (See this manual for reasons why it is an awful idea to buy recreation gold on the line. Though the guide covers Runescape gold, it is generally applicable to maximum online games.)

Why is the sale of virtual objects prohibited? The short answer is as it violates eBay’s intellectual property guidelines, even as the longer answer includes the currently complicated prison fame of virtual items. Generally, with objects like this, Ebay’s policy is that all and sundry promoting an item ought to be the proprietor of the underlying highbrow assets. Since it’s miles quite uncertain who precisely owns a virtual object like a World of Warcraft weapon or gold, eBay determined that it would not allow the sale of any of them.

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You will now see a list that advertises an item that ‘just takes place’ to offer an unfastened recreation object or person with it. These listings are not allowed either. For instance, offering to sell a joke also consists of a free Runescape person with its miles in opposition to eBay policy. These listings try to promote, in any other case, prohibited gadgets using which includes them with non-prohibited ones. eBay can eliminate listings that comprise a prohibited content material, even though that content material is offered as a loose gift.

Though buying and selling digital items are illegitimate, there are some virtual object sales that eBay allows. The eBay coverage in opposition to virtual objects’ sale is primarily based on their intellectual belongings rules. Because of this, if you actually are the proprietor of the highbrow property, you can (theoretically) buy or sell those digital items.

A satisfactory recognized example of that is Second Life. According to eBay, Second Life isn’t considered a recreation, and as a result, the sale of Second Life virtual items isn’t prohibited. Though this announcement appears dependent upon the definition of a ‘game,’ there will also be an extra foundation. Linden Lab, the organization that owns Second Life, maintains that each one virtual item created by way of the gamers is the gamers’ assets, now not Linden Lab.


Either way, eBay has decided that list Second Life digital items isn’t a contravention of the intellectual property or digital object regulations. Though this policy usually issues to exchange, you can currently purchase and sell Second Life items thru eBay without risking your account being banned or suspended. (Provided you are not violating another policy.)

GAME CODES: Some games (like EVE Online) require players to buy time-codes to play. Players can buy time-codes for precise time periods (30, 60, 90 days or longer) and use them after choosing, sort of like a gift card. These listings are commonly discovered on eBay and don’t appear covered in the digital object regulations.

GAME GUIDES: If you own a recreation manual or write a guide about a web sport, you can promote those thru eBay. Whether you are promoting a digitally added product like an ebook, or abound, revealed e-book, such items are not prohibited. You do have to ensure you follow all other associated eBay policies, especially those that deal with copyright and highbrow property legal guidelines.

NON-VIRTUAL ITEMS: If you have got an Everquest figurine, World of Warcraft wall posters, game disks, or different non-digital gadgets, there’s no trouble if you want to promote them. You can buy and promote those similar to anything else on eBay, but you have to follow all different related rules like the whole thing else.

SCRIPTS AND BOTS: If you write your own script or software intended for use for someone in a recreation (commonly called a bot), you may in all likelihood sell it on eBay. Though bots are prohibited from using most sports builders, if they are no longer illegal or otherwise violate eBay rules, you could list your creations to other eBayers.

Even though most video games prohibit the sale of digital gadgets, there are a few places in which this occurs. There are masses of sites obtainable that promote game gold and different virtual objects. Although they’re usually an idea to be at least unethical if not outright unlawful, they exist. Buying and selling gadgets on those websites are very volatile and no longer something you want to try. (Again, see this manual for reasons why this is a terrible idea.)


In the end, it is as much as you to be sure whether or no longer what you need to buy or sell is authorized. Even if it’s far allowed with the aid of the sport, it can now not be allowed by eBay or vice versa. If you are thinking about selling a virtual object on eBay, the most secure bet isn’t. In just a few regions are digital or digital-related gadgets allowed. And even if you successfully promote or buy a virtual item on eBay, that doesn’t imply it’s allowed; it simply approaches no person noticed. You can sell a couple of items that, even though they may be in opposition to eBay coverage, don’t get you caught. Never much less, they are against the rules and may bring about you dropping your eBay account. You are better off not dealing with them at all rather than risking suspension.

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