Carcassonne: Board Game Review

Some video games surely outline their instances, and Carcassonne is considered one of them. Designed using Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and published in 2000 via Hans Im Glück, it made a massive impact on the board gaming industry and brought many of those who had lost touch with board games lower back on the right track. Now in 2012, after more than a decade, and with dozens of expansions being to be had, Carcassonne nevertheless shines and proves what correct games are fabricated from. Let’s take a plunge into its extremely good international.

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Game Overview

Carcassonne is a small city in southern France, famed for its ambitious fortifications that still stand and is a part of Unesco’s listing World Heritage Sites. It is encircled using a large double row of fortified walls that run almost 2 miles lengthy, accentuated via fifty-six watchtowers.

That was likely the muse for this game, which revolves around building castles, roads, farms, and cloisters within the famous city. Carcassonne is a tile-laying sport for the entire circle of relatives. 72 land tiles depict farmland, roads, towns, and cloisters. Each player begins out with 7 followers (meeples), which might be his delivery and can be used as farmers, thieves, knights, or monks throughout the game by way of setting them on a newly positioned tile.

The recreation starts with placing the beginning tile (the only one with a darker lower back) in the middle of the table. The rest of the tiles are shuffled and located in numerous face-down stacks. In his turn, each player takes a tile from a stack, well-known shows it, and locations it at the desk so that it has one common part with an already played tile. Then he can determine if he wants to install a follower on that tile. Followers can be placed on road segments as thieves, on farmland as farmers, on cities as knights, or at cloisters as clergymen. Whenever a town, street, or cloister is finished

The participant with maximum meeples on it scores victory factors and takes all meeples on the development lower back to his delivery. That would not practice to farms. Farmers are committed to their land until the games cease, whilst each farm serving a finished city is scored. If a couple of gamers have meeples at the same road or town, then the player with most meeples receives all of the factors. When two or more gamers tie with the most thieves or knights, they every earn the whole street or city factors.

The difficult part of the sport is that any other participant can try to take control of your town, avenue, or farm by way of placing their extra meeples than you. Because no person can locate a meeple on a town, road or farm with a present meeple, that can be completed most effective in a roundabout way. That is via placing e.G. A knight on a tile close to the town you need to take over, in the desire that the 2 city parts will sooner or later merge.

The recreation ends while all tiles are placed on the desk. Players rating for their incomplete cities, roads, cloisters, and last however no longer least farms are scored. Whoever has the most followers on a farm takes all the factors from that farm and other gamers that still have followers on that farm benefit, not anything. If the range of fans from every participant is the same, most gamers get the same points.

First Impressions

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Opening Carcassonne’s field exhibits a pleasant package deal of beautifully illustrated cardboard tiles, some timber meeples, the scoring tune, and a 6-web page rulebook. The rules of the game are quite straightforward, and the illustrated examples assist in clarifying any questions. Within a couple of minutes, you can begin gambling the game, which lasts about 45 mins. Playing the first few video games changed into a lot of laughs for all gamers, and I ought to notice that maximum folks felt pretty addicted and had been eagerly willing to play again (as a way to pay revenge or refine our strategies). The first impact thumbs up! Since then, I performed the game numerous more instances, and here is my judgment on our typical scoring categories:


All additives of the game are pretty gorgeous and go away, not anything to be favored. The tiles have tricky designs, and as they’re located adjacent to each different and begin to form an extra photograph, it certainly feels top-notch looking at your advent. They are fabricated from difficult cardboard, very tough to suffer from use irrespective of how frequently the sport is played. The meeples, oh that meeple!! I clearly love them. Your timber little fans are usually geared up to devote themselves to anything project is determined by them. The scoring tune is first-class but can be a touch bigger as for the counting. The song’s score is until 50 points; however, greater regularly than not, the rating exceeds 100 factors, something that could be a little puzzling. The first time the meeple marker crosses, the song’s give up can be placed on its back to understand we have reached 50 factors. But what approximately the second one time around?


Carcassonne-4.jpg (1440×960)

The coronary heart of each sport! Although Carcassonne is a simple game with simple regulations, there are lots of strategies concerned with it. At the start of the sport, alternatives are limited, and to be had positions to the region; your tiles are confined. But as the sport progresses and the map expands, you are supplied with ever-increasing alternatives and demanding situations.

You will need to assume cautiously and decide: Is it better to attack an opponent’s city or start constructing your personal? Should you place a farmer or a knight? Maybe you need to be extra conservative and no longer vicinity a follower of this flip. A huge benefit of all tile-placement video games is that you get a specific map in every sport, eliminating the opportunity for boredom due to repetition. The reality is that the sport may be very addictive.

Once you play some games and get a hold of them, you don’t want to stop. You want to strive for unique techniques, extraordinary approaches, discover a multitude of alternatives. And with all those expansions obtainable, a laugh is practically assured. Another plus is that the sport appeals to game enthusiasts and non-gamers alike. The policies are simple. Everyone can learn to play for a couple of minutes; however, gamers will discover enough strategic elements to attract them and preserve them satisfied. Let’s now not forget that a World Championship of Carcassonne is held every 12 months at Essen.

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