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Nursing is a profession that has been around for a long time, but is still very popular as a career. The health system relies on trained nursing staff to provide quality primary care to patients, but what is it about nursing itself that continues to draw people to it?

The truth is that there are many reasons why people choose to move into nursing straight from college or as a second career. Missouri is one state that sums this up best and is a great place to start a nursing career.

Becoming a nurse can offer a good salary; the average Missouri nurse salary also includes a variety of other benefits. The first step to becoming a nurse involves obtaining the right qualifications to work in the Show-Me State, and this is where an online ABSN from a reputable institution such as Rockhurst University comes in handy. Developed to allow students who already possess a bachelor’s degree to transition quickly into nursing, this hybrid Accelerate Bachelor of Science in Nursing teaches students all they need to know to qualify as a nurse in as little as 16 months.

The above is also true for other US states which also offer great job satisfaction, good salaries and an excellent job outlook for qualified nursing professionals. Working within nursing also involves the need to use some essential software to care for patients each day.

Essential software and modern-day nursing

One thing any nurse must be prepared for in the contemporary health system is the use of a variety of essential software packages in their daily role. This will not only help them work more efficiently but also provide better care and better outcomes to patients.

Some of the software solutions that nurses can expect to encounter include:

Electronic health record systems

Electronic health record systems act as a digital version of a patient’s more traditional paper health records. These digital systems make real-time patient information instantly available to authorized users in a secure online format.

This type of software also enables the efficient sharing of key patient notes and data between healthcare professionals. Nurses use this software to record patient data, update patient notes, view test results and review the medical history of patients when working as part of a team to create treatment plans.

Clinical decision support systems

Clinical decision support systems are another example of crucial software used within healthcare that any modern nurse must be familiar with. These computerized systems take data contained within the electronic health records of individual patients and analyze them to support the decision-making process within healthcare facilities.

Nurses use these kinds of systems to verify any clinical decisions being made around treatment are suitable for a patient and not likely to cause them harm, such as a patient being allergic to the medication that has been prescribed.

Medication administration software

Medication administration software is an automated digital system that makes drug management within healthcare more efficient. This is achieved through the simple to use interfaces these systems have and the built-in tools they feature to make medication management more effective.

Nurses use this software to order medications, manage stock levels of medications in their unit and document medication levels and usage.

Telehealth platforms

From Teladoc to PlushCare, there are a variety of secure telehealth platforms available. These types of tools are a fairly recent innovation in the sector but have quickly become something patients value. They are designed to enable people to access the best healthcare from home and via mobile computer technology.

Nurses use this kind of software in their job to conduct online appointments with patients, perform virtual examinations and remotely diagnose patients. Nurses also use these platforms to check in with patients and help them manage ongoing conditions virtually.

Communication and collaboration tools

Although a large part of any nursing role is patient focused, these healthcare professionals still need to communicate and collaborate effectively with colleagues. This supports improved patient outcomes and builds closer bonds between healthcare staff. It also ensures any key patient information other staff need is passed on by nurses in the most appropriate manner.

Software is important in this regard and modern nurses use communication platforms, such as Slack and Facetime, and collaboration tools, such as MS Teams and Dropbox, on a regular basis. This may include video calling colleagues for urgent healthcare advice, engaging in interprofessional meetings via online meeting platforms and using collaboration software when working on a document with colleagues in healthcare.

Patient education tools

As the name suggests, this kind of software is focused on helping provide the best education to patients in a digital format. Education is a key part of the nursing role, and this makes portals that facilitate this in a more effective way valuable. This not only helps patients access a vast collection of health resources to review at their leisure but also saves nurses from having to spend time educating patients directly.

Common uses for this software in nursing include uploading personalized health information for patients to access, and providing more general health information for patients to review, such as upcoming vacation programs in the local community.

Simulation software for training

We have all witnessed the splash that virtual reality tech has made in many sectors, and this is also true for nursing. Simulation software for training is now used widely across the industry and has become something all nurses encounter. This type of software enables nurses to train in a simulated digital environment with virtual patients.

The advantage of this is that they can practice what they are learning as much as they like without risking the welfare of real-life patients as they learn. A good example of how nurses would use this software for training is by donning a VR headset to practice how to correctly insert a catheter or prepare an IV.

Nurses in modern healthcare must be tech savvy

Although what lies at the heart of nursing will never change, how those in the sector achieve this in the modern health system has. Technology has made a real impact in the nursing profession and means contemporary nurses now use a variety of essential software solutions in their daily roles.

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