Expert Locksmith Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe

With the accelerating crime and break-ins rates, a simple lock is hardly enough to keep your family and your belongings safe from the clutches of nefarious criminals and thieves. These illicit people have more advanced tools and plan to trespass your property and put you at a position of risk today. Thereby, it becomes vital to implement more resourceful safety measures on your property to refrain these criminals from encroaching on your property and thereby keeping your family away from peril. There is a necessity to secure all the entry-points to your house to augment the security of the environment you live in.


Listed below are some professional tips from trained locksmiths to help you secure your premises.

Home Security System

The most efficacious manner to secure your property would be to install a home security system in the key positions of your house. This will help you keep track of anyone present on your property or anyone trying to intrude on your premises. This would also make for evidence to legal authorities and the law enforcement authorities should there be a need.


Using deadbolts is highly recommended as even if your front door has a lock on it, there is a likelihood that it is not infallible. An intruder equipped with lock-breaking equipment could easily make their way inside your house through this door. As such, installing a hardened steel deadbolt that would have an extension all the way to the door jamb would be an ideal choice. This extra protection would be an assurance against an external force trying to kick open the door. If you have partial windows in your door, you might consider installing a double-cylinder deadbolt door lock as it can be unlocked only with the help of a key.

Locking Your Windows

The windows in your house are potential entry-points for burglars as well. If your windows do not have window bars on them, you could consider investing in high-quality locks, like deadbolts or pin locks. Moreover, you could also replace the existing glass with reinforced glass for added protection.

Garage and Sheds

Make sure that you have your garage and shed locked at all times, whether you are present on the property or not. Garages are a storehouse of a plethora of equipment that could be used to break into your house with ease. It has ladders, electric equipment, crowbars, screwdrivers, and other hardware that could be used to pet into your premise. Ladders could also be used to gain access to the rooftop and windows on the house’s top floors. Furthermore, they can also be used as hideout spots by burglary and criminals to catch you off guard. Therefore, it is highly advised to keep your garages and sheds locked at all times.

You could consult a professional locksmith to assess your property and counsel you on the implementation of security measures in your house as well. Express Locksmiths, Ottawa, could help you ensure your protection and assist you in the administration of safety measures on your property.

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