Finance Careers: Investment Banking Associate

As 2nd-12 months of MBA college students chatter at cocktail parties, one of the main dialogue subjects is who landed investment banking gives. Although the reputation of funding banking has taken a beating following the 2008 monetary disaster, company finance jobs are a way to gain treasured business experience and earn a good-looking paycheck. Since the economic disaster, many understand funding banking to have changed forever, and in many ways, it has. But there’ll still be IPOs, mergers, leveraged buyouts, and a want to elevate capital to development agencies, and that means there can be jobs for the ones who have what it takes to reach company finance. The standard entry process into the corporate finance department is an accomplice function for the MBA. It’s an annoying slot, but it is one rung above an analyst position, pays well, and ends in first-rate consumer exposure and business experience. So, what will it take for an MBA to relax in an accomplice role?

From B-School to I-Banking

Yes, corporate finance looks for vivid people who can sincerely articulate business insights and dazzle clients with social abilities. But on the associate level, funding banks are also searching for MBAs with strong finance revel who are driven and disciplined. In phrases of revel in, bankers are preferably looking for candidates with previous corporate finance experience. Such experience can be a pre-MBA stint as an analyst or a summertime internship with a funding bank. Firms also generally tend to cost candidates with Big Four accounting revel in business banking or different positions requiring huge finance and accounting exposure. Like the analyst hiring method, interviews for accomplice positions may be extreme.

The ante is upped for applicants who’ve finished graduate packages and may be expected to paint more closely with customers. Associate applicants should put in numerous hours of practice interviews and be prepared for all varieties of questions. For those who’ve already passed through the interview manner as an analyst, the interview won’t be as intimidating (in any other case, get equipped!).

Interviews may additionally contain several rounds, culminating in a “remarkable Saturday” round wherein the pinnacle candidates meet with all the bankers in the company for another spherical of interviews and socializing – giving the company a possibility to see which candidates are the first-rate culture in shape. As with most interviews, candidates must be organized to affect the company with their minds and abilities. More importantly, they ought to prove they may be likable to paint well with their employees. It is time for candidates who get hold of offers to get geared up for lifestyles as investment banking accomplices.

The Corporate Finance Quarterback

There’s an excellent purpose why friends earn a healthy salary and a large bonus each year. In short, they’re the quarterbacks of the company finance workplace. They may additionally have analysts to whom they can assign projects, but they must juggle multiple tasks from a couple of bankers with complicated schedules. Managing the analysts is not an easy assignment either, as every one of them is pushed to the max with their undertaking workloads.


Like analysts, associates might also begin their day at eight a.m. and not end it until 1 or 2 a.m. – and occasionally may not pass home in any respect. They are available for the weekend to stay on the pinnacle of projects and ensure that files and displays are completed with enough time for thorough modifying. Associates generally spent much time as analysts – frequently 80 to 100 hours per week at New York corporations or 60 to 80 hours at corporations off Wall Street.

The Deal Cycle

Associates play a key operational position inside the deal cycle of the corporate finance branch. In the deal cycle, funding bankers – the vice presidents and handling directors – will approach or be approached using groups with ideas for capability transactions. These deals can also encompass IPOs, observe-on services, personal placements, mergers, and acquisitions. Bankers will install an assembly with the organization referred to as a pitch. They pitch the firm’s services to the enterprise and present their evaluation of the feasibility of the capability transaction.

At the pitch, the bankers will present the potential purchaser with a pitch book – typically a difficult-reproduction PowerPoint presentation that describes the bank’s credentials alongside an in-depth evaluation of the market wherein the organization operates and regularly a valuation of the organization itself. If the employer is impressed with the company and interested in pursuing a deal, it will engage the firm to execute it. Depending on the kind of transaction and the market conditions, these transactions can take anywhere from a few months to three years. At any point, bankers can work on numerous pitches and deals simultaneously.

What do Associates Do?

Analysts generally work at the front end of the deal cycle, running on pitch books for the bankers. Associates also paintings at the front stop of the deal cycle, overseeing and modifying analysts’ images in the coaching of pitchbooks. But associates also help with the execution of deals – making ready sales files for numerous transactions, enhancing prospectuses, and even discussing due diligence materials with capability clients in M&A and other transactions. As associates gain senior bankers’ honor, they will get to accompany the senior bankers on pitches and grow to be extra concerned in commercial enterprise improvement.

A first-year partner may also start by conducting a few equal analyses as analysts – comps, DCFs, LBO, etc. – However, pals eventually transition to greater senior degree work. Rather than cranking through the template economic models that analysts paint with, a few may additionally redesign these or build fashions, particularly for precise deals. Much of the legwork associates perform involves spreading patron financials to share with ability buyers or drafting non-public records memoranda for M&A transactions or personal placements.

Because of these paintings’ nature, associates frequently interact intently with clients and speak with CEOs, CFOs, and other participants of the control crew to collect applicable statistics for income files. Associates quickly discover ways to charm customers while leaning on them to offer timely, targeted records for sales documents. Corporate finance transactions can be extraordinarily demanding on customers (and associates), and buddies should be able to navigate difficult situations where clients have become tired and emotional with the ideal method.

The Perks of Being an Associate

Despite all the stress and long hours, there are a few payoffs for pals who stick around. Depending on the firm, beginning salaries for friends can range from $100k to $150k, but while you upload in bonuses, which might frequently be north of 50, general compensation can type from $150k to $250k. Many firms have a policy that after employees leave at paintings beyond 7 p.m., they get their dinner paid for. Like analysts, buddies stay past 7 p.m. almost every night, so unfastened spreads can quickly add up to several money. Other perks often include reimbursement for cellular cellphone or Blackberry bills, unfastened cab rides for the past due to journeys home, and the occasional possibility to celebrate with different bankers at a lavish last dinner.


Career Progression

If a companion chooses to go away from the funding banking international, their revel in can frequently be leveraged to transport into positions that might require more revel in. Investment banking is notably rigorous work with buddies wracking up double the average working hours and acting at an intensity stage that is many of the maxima within the commercial enterprise world. It isn’t any wonder they have had an easy time excelling in other careers. For buddies who hang around, three years of enjoyment usually leads to advertising to a vice-chairperson position. Hours for vice presidents may be a piece lower, but the journey is a bit more.

An excessive performance could make the bounce to senior VP or cope with the director after numerous years. Although those positions’ hours and seniority can be barely more appealing than an accomplice role (senior bankers can nonetheless be determined at the office on many weekends), they also endure lots greater duty for bringing in new business. Like any career, all of us considering an associate position at a funding bank need to look beyond pay and prestige and feel whether we’ll enjoy the work. Some of the most valuable advantages funding banking provide are the splendid reviews of working with businesses at some point of pivotal instances – and the individual that the studies build.

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