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Common Questions When It Comes to Real Property Tax inside the Philippines


Do you own a chunk of real estate belongings inside the Philippines? Whether you have a vacant lot simply ready to have a residence built on it, a townhouse within the town of Manila you’re renting out, or an industrial status quo in the province, you need to be paying your real assets tax.

Q: What is actual assets tax?

It is a tax levied on Philippine Real estate property. The relevant fee relies upon the area. A city or municipality in Metro Manila might also impose 1 percent whilst towns and municipalities’ outdoor Metro Manila may also levy the tax on the fee now not exceeding 2 percentage. The proprietor of the real estate belongings within the Philippines can pay the tax in 4 equal installments on or earlier than the closing day of every calendar region.

Q: Payment of Real Property Tax

Payment is made at the Municipal Hall of the vicinity your own home is placed. If you have got belongings in Ayala Alabang, through all way, visit the lovely Municipal hall of Muntinlupa wherein they’ve made it clean to pay your real estate tax – by the manner of a pleasant, comfortable building, and signs/directions everywhere so that you won’t get lost. Add to that the pleasant staff prepared to assist you.

Q: Is there any discount?

Normally, towns provide discounts to early payers. For example, if you plan to pay for the complete due for the following year, you can pay as early as November-December of the present-day yr so that you’ll get a reduction. This does no longer preserve for all cities – so go to your municipal hall to make certain.

Q: Do I have to pay if I have no identity and but im occupying the belongings already?

Yes, you need to pay the actual belongings tax when you moved in to-date or almost 365 days, with or without identity.

Q: If my belongings are below my husband’s name, who’s a foreigner, does he nevertheless need to pay the actual property tax?

Yes! Even if the assets are underneath the call of your foreign husband, actual property tax continues to be imposed. It ought to absolutely be paid to the nearby authorities in which the property is located.

Q: I just sold an actual property asset from the auction and found out the owner has 3 years really worth of unpaid actual assets tax! Do I pay it?

Most houses from the auction are on an “As is where is the basis,” which means you ought to have achieved due diligence. Investigated the history of the property before you dove in. In different phrases, sure, you will need to pay until you made a prior arrangement with the auctioneer earlier than bidding on the belongings.

Q: Yikes, I failed to get to pay my actual belongings tax last 12 months; what may want to show up?

The taxpayer is the situation to pay interest on the charge of two percent in keeping with the month but now not to exceed 36 months.

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Here’s a short recap of how to pay actual belongings tax in the Philippines:

Visit your Real Property Tax Section within the Treasurer’s Office normally positioned in the City corridor. Secure an order of charge(OP) from the assessor’s office, continue to the realty tax phase and present the OP with today’s legitimate receipt (OR) and new tax statement for brand new transferred properties. The series officer then computes tax and informs you, the taxpayer, how much you have to pay. After payment, a legitimate receipt is issued, and the price is published on the assets tax card. After which, you pay on the cash register upon validation of the professional receipt. Finished!

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