How to Choose the Best Fleet Management Software

Running a company surrounding fleets, delivery, trucking, drivers, trucks, etc. can be very difficult because there is so much information you need to track as the leader/manager. So much data to process and so little time. Some would even say that it is an impossible task without any external help. Usually, these businesses hire a professional fleet manager to help them. However, many start-up companies do not have the budget to hire such a professional. Fortunately, there is software that helps with managing your fleet for a much cheaper price tag.

If you hop onto Google and search for such software, you will be met with hundreds of options. Different versions, different brands, and products. Assuming that you have not used one before, how can you know which one is perfect for your company? Well, you can’t, unless you do a little bit of research.

To speed up that researching process, I suggest reading through this article and learn about the few tips I can give you about choosing the best  FLEET MAINTENANCE SOFTWARE.

Look for real-time GPS tracking

One of the most important roles of such software is to help you improve your communication with your drivers. Your drivers should always get an immediate response and assistance from your company. Otherwise, a lot of things could go wrong.

However, providing such assistance can be difficult if you do not have any information about your fleets’ location. The location of every single truck you own is essential.

Fortunately, this kind of management software is equipped with a feature that provides you with real-time GPS tracking. Of course, you will need to install the necessary equipment on the trucks, but after that, the location information can easily be accessed from your computer or even your phone.

Keep in mind, when looking at different software, make sure that you look for one that provides real-time GPS tracking. It is vital to check for this because a lot of older hardware is not exactly real-time. They provide you with updates every few minutes. That is not fast enough. Whenever you have to provide immediate assistance, you need the exact data.

I should also mention that even high-end GPS systems update every five or ten seconds. It is not always real-time. But, that is still much better than a few minutes, right?

Multi-platform accessibility.

To get the most out of your investment, you will need to look at fleet management software that has been developed for multiple platforms as suggested by It should work on your Windows computer, Mac, Apple, and Android phones. This kind of accessibility will make things easier for everyone.

This accessibility will also provide better options for your employees that want to work remotely. And we all know how important remote work is in 2020.

Friendly User Interface

As I mentioned already, running a fleet-based company is never easy. It is especially difficult when working with multiple employees that are controlling your drivers. To make things easier for everyone, management software is essential.

However, I believe that it is vital that you look for software that comes with a simple user interface and a friendly learning curve. Otherwise, you would have to spend hundreds of hours teaching your employees how to properly teach it. Time is money and I assume that you wouldn’t want to waste your time on such a matter.

That is why it is important to look for a fleet management software that comes with an already simple user interface. A piece of equipment that anyone would be able to use. Of course, they will still need a short introduction and training, but that is about it.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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