How to Create a Blog Fast and Free?

This is a guide for destiny-to-be bloggers so that it will allow them to create a weblog speedy and with none value. However, I will no longer be going via free blog services together with Vox, Blogspot and the likes where destiny-to-be bloggers handiest want to sign on an account and start posting weblog posts.

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If you’re the future-to-be bloggers who want to start up a blog while supplying you with the ability to design and adjust your blog anytime you need, that is the manual for you.

A Little Bit of My History

I tried to write diaries however only to locate myself given up after some days later. My first ever weblog was on Yahoo 360, began ultimate 12 months around August. I then switched to Vox in January because I just desired the potential to trade the date and time of my posts. It was pretty critical for me to alternate the date and time because, at the start, I stored my posts in my Nokia E61 earlier than transferring them to my pc for posting.

By mid-March, I become deliberating the potential to exchange the complete appearance in addition to customizing the coding. Well, first of all, the idea of leaving my recollections on the blog as I submit seems to be terrific. As time goes via, the concept remains superb except that I like to fiddle around with the coding and as well as to study more stuff.

I have started with simple HTML know-how and no PHP or CSS expertise in any respect. Now, I am proud to mention that I actually have the intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS and a few basic information on PHP.

Do now not worry in any respect. Learning HTML and CSS is just a further so as to understand what is on the blog. If you just need to the weblog, go away the coding on my own then.

Free Hosting

Nowadays, you could locate loose website hosting available with a view to choosing. Competition is getting difficult and they provide all varieties of offerings to draw clients. Here, I will be recommending 110mb. As you could see from my URL, I am with them. It is unfastened however now not absolutely loose. Additional services which include SQL, SendMail, Backup and the likes are to be had for some expenses.

I had recently paid $five for SendMail carrier which enables my blog visitors to send me email via the touch form provided in my weblog. Well, it’s miles simplest a one-time rate and I consider it without a doubt worth the fee.

With 110mb, you do now not must include any marketing and you are free to do something so long as you follow their phrases and situations. So a long way, my weblog was down twice but the directors had been able to restoration the troubles inside 12 hours.

Flatpress blog

Needless to mention, my blog is a flat press weblog. If you join up an account with 110mb, you have a utility alternative where you are able to select greater than 30 kinds of programs which consist of blogs, forums, gallery, CMS and the likes. However, you could most effectively deploy a most of five programs because the directors need to prevent users from installing utility only for the laugh of it.

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Not all the applications need MySQL and Flatpress is one in every one of them. Well, I was wondering these days the idea to alternate my Flatpress blog to WordPress via getting MySQL bundle. Anyhow, it’s miles just an idea. Transferring the contents and putting in place may absorb a whole lot of time.

Select Flatpress from the 1-Click Application Installer and your weblog could be ready in mins. Once mounted, simply type your weblog URL and you’ll be guided to some simple set up system and the advent of the user account to your weblog. After that, installation records and from the weblog, you have just created, the entirety is WYSIWYG.

Files and Backup

110mb File Manager

Moving documents and including snapshots are a touch bit tough in case you use the 110mb File Manager where you are constrained to switch best three documents at a time. If you want to edit the coding of CSS and PHP files, it isn’t always pretty possible to edit them the use of 110mb File Manager due to the fact on every occasion I attempted editing, it simply showed me a blank screen. The simplest manner to edit the files, solely relying on 110mb File Manager is to download the report you need to edit and upload it again while you carried out editing.

This is an internet FTP but you have got the choice to download this system as well. I do now not typically blog the usage of my home pc and for this reason, I usually use the net carrier. Compared to other online FTP, this is taken into consideration the quickest and simplest to use. In addition, you may also installation Flatpress and different Java program from here too.

As I actually have stated, the 110mb File Manager is pretty difficult to apply in case you are going to transfer a whole lot of files. Using Net2FTP, you’ve got the options to add file by way of report or an unmarried zip record. When importing a zipper file, Net2FTP will unzip the documents for you and it’s far very beneficial in case you want to add a whole lot of snapshots or restore your blog.

Well, earlier than restoring, you will need to backup your documents. Check all the files and folders that you may see at the basis of your 100mb area, and click the download button. My blog is set 6-eight megabytes and it generally takes approximately five-10 minutes to backup. Net2FTP will zip all your files and assist you to store to any vicinity that you want.


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I would say that it’s miles as a substitute simple to create your very personal weblog. You best need 110mb and Net2FTP with a few easy information of English and off your pass. As you weblog, you examine. When you sense which you need to alternate the layout, you may want to start mastering the coding. Otherwise, there are different topics which you could download from the net simply with the aid of Googling.

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