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How to Find the Right Armored Car

Once limited to government officials and high profile celebrities, armored cars are now used by civilians also. An armored vehicle is for any person or company that needs superior protection. If you also want to ensure that your safety is not compromised then you need to get an armored car. But how can you find the armored car that will exactly suit your needs for years to come?


If you’re planning to purchase an armored vehicle, you need to spend some time in research and planning. A quick internet search can provide you with a lot of references. But with so many options, finding the armored car that meets your needs can be difficult. Also, considering the cost of these luxury cars, it makes sense not to take the buying decision so quickly. There are a lot of factors you should take into consideration to find the best suited armored car that would serve you for years to come.

The most popular vehicles for armoring are the Audi (A6 & A8), Lincolns, BMW, the Mercedes Benz, GMC, and Cadillac. There are a variety of options but not all can be the right pick for you. So, in this post, we’ve outlined the crucial steps that can help you find the right armored car for you, your family, or business.

1. Determine Your Protection Needs

Before you start searching for the perfect car, you need to first determine what you need exactly. It’s best to find a reputed armored vehicle company to discuss your needs and then find the right model. The best-armored vehicle companies can customize a vehicle based on your needs and threat levels. While assessing your needs consider the number of passengers does you need to carry. Also, figure out the most important safety feature and parking space. Other factors you need to consider include your traveling needs- whether you drive on a highway, surface streets, or in ice and snow.

2. Your Budget

Armoring is a labor-extensive process. Due to the labor work and expensive materials that go into armoring, these vehicles are quite expensive than regular cars. In addition to the cost of the car, you need to pay for the added security features like bulletproofing and puncture-proof tyres. Even if you plan to finance your purchase or lease, it’s best to have a clear budget in mind. Before you even approach a company, determine how much can you spend for the armored car you are planning to buy. In case of financing, think about how much you can afford to allocate toward a car payment each month.

3. Choose between Leasing and Buying

Next, you need to think about whether you’ll pay in cash or take a lease or loan. When it comes to armored cars, you may either lease a car or buy a car fully. Both these options have some pros and cons. Leasing is less expensive than buying a car and requires little or no money for a down payment. This means that you can drive more expensive armor car for less money. However, when your lease period ends, you lose the car. On the other hand, buying requires more money and can be expensive initially. But on the positive side, it gives you car ownership and it will remain yours for a lifetime.

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