Language Is Powerful – Be Intentional With It

A course that clearly works might not use the terms “emotional recuperation” or “nonsecular healing.” Those phrases are virtually misleading and erroneous. If you are bodily ill, you want recovery. BUT, if you’re not bodily sick, you do now not want “restoration.” If you are seeking religious development, you do not want “healing.” If you need solutions for troubles, alleviation from struggling, or to get free of a problem, or freedom from painful thoughts or feelings, or an alternate on your lifestyles, we don’t call that restoration.

We call that raising vibration; awakening; waking up; turning into more conscious; enlightening; expanding; evolving; getting free, or remembering who you sincerely are. When the above has passed off, you may surely see what changed into continually actual inside the first region – you failed to get “healed.” Thinking you need “recuperation” puts you on a countless treadmill seeking to heal what you never wished to heal. When rubbing a rabbit’s foot isn’t always the solution, irrespective of how many you rub the rabbit’s foot – it won’t appear. When recovery isn’t the answer, you can’t do enough restoration ever to make it happen.


Crystals, pendulums, and devices – Honestly, I in no way noticed someone liberated, converted, or enlightened through a gadget or crystal. EVER! So why teach humans to rely on such matters? A course that genuinely works teaches human beings to apply their own Instrument Panel to experience, experience, hear, understand, and spot truly, and never rely on crutches.

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Karma – To us, there’s no such aspect. Karma is definitely contradictory to Grace! Grace says you get things you did not even earn, and there is no way you have to pay for whatever you probably did on this lifestyle, many much fewer matters you probably did in another lifestyle. You can also MAKE your self-pay. However, it isn’t The Presence doing it. That would be you. You can forgive yourself now.

Past lives – No need to head there. Stay in the here and now. If there is energy affecting you from beyond lives, it exists proper right here, right now, it is gambling out for your existence, and you may locate, feel, and deal with it right here and now. And if it is now not inflicting any impact right here, why is pass searching out the problem?

Mercury in retrograde – Yikes! This term makes my pores and skin crawl. This is giving electricity away to astrology. Just do not do it. It’s silly and ridiculous.

Terms like “poisonous relationships” or “poisonous people” or psychological labels like “he is a psychopath – my therapist says so.” Labeling the opposite as a terrible guy gives your electricity away massively. Feel your very own emotions approximately it, and smooth up their own vibration approximately it, and eventually — move smoothly on yourself — see how you created it. Avoid labeling others as the hassle due to the fact there’s no electricity in that. With that tale, you’re a sufferer, and you’re stuck. Any harm that becomes performed is usually in our very own vibration, which we’ve totally manipulated over.

“Boundaries” (antique paradigm word – the that means is too close to “wanting protection” and “wall”). You do not want protection from something! You can “pick out” who and what and the way you want matters, but steer far away from wondering you need to shield your self from others (it just draws matters to guard against). Instead of barriers, use conscious, non-cliche terms like “making sensible choices,” “selecting what you want or the way you want to sense,” or “looking after you.” Say “sure” or “I’ll skip, thanks.” Become so effective that no boundaries are ever wanted. When you are effective, you know there may be no want to guard in opposition to everyone.

Terms like “ego” “higher self” have emerged as cliche that it is fine to keep away from them completely. There’s this bizarre popular belief, just due to the fact, someone said it that we want to do away with this so-known as “ego” (which of course almost nobody is succeeding at it, nor need to they. I’ve met people who don’t have any character or human identification left, and they’re uninteresting and flat). Use “smaller or restrained self” as opposed to ego. “Large Self” is greater inclusive and less hierarchical, judgmental, and separate than the higher self. Your smaller self is blanketed with the aid of and loved through your Large Self. Your Large Self-does no longer need to get rid of it, but to assist it in refining, amplifying, and evolving.


Dark energies or evil. There isn’t any such aspect. There is the simplest vibration, and nothing in this universe can modify or affect your vibration without your (or their) participation or permission. If you LET others’ vibrations affect you, they could, but do not deliver supernatural powers outdoor your control. Scary spirits, nightmares, and smelly smells, and such, are projections of people’ decrease vibrations that show up, and they’re best actual from that lower vibrational kingdom.

Clearing or cleaning rituals related to the above – like clearing a person’s residence, washing your hands to get rid of dark energies, or doing a rite to cleanse or rid of something. There isn’t any want to ever do any of this. That is giving energy away to some outer force, adore it has some strength over you, which is now not proper. Just boost your personal vibration, and set the aim you need! Sometimes human beings discover a ritual that helps attention their energy. However, they need to be VERY clear that there is no energy in the ritual and that each energy is theirs. People are so susceptible to provide strength away to so many matters; we won’t inspire them to do that greater.


An effective and tangible attunement is obtained simply by using spending time listening to her communicate or being together with her for a period of time. Many enjoy it as energy, tingling, vibrating of their body. Others feel uplifted or joyful, and a few would possibly get indignant or dissatisfied as strength actions. Many human beings file being soaking wet in bliss after reading her articles or e-book, watching her Divine Energy infused artwork, receiving a hug, or speak together with her on the smartphone. You receive natural Divine Energy, no longer Lola’s energy.

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