Law of Attraction – Ethics and Long Term Disability

Just on CNN.Com today was an article on “The Secret,” the e-book that has taken the world (literally) by using hurricane outlining what has usually become referred to as The Law of Attraction. While there may be nothing new about this “Law” – it is been written about for decades – what’s new is the presentation and the recognition in our way of life.

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So what is truly at difficulty? Let’s appearance an instance. Not long ago I heard a girl expressing how “The Secret” had changed her angle – how she become going to apply the regulation of appeal to alternate her fitness and wealth. She becomes pumped and full of enthusiasm. Seems she had been ill for some time and felt that thru the usage of “The Secret,” she could attract the price range she had to are trying to find some desperately wanted clinical help. On the surface, the entirety appeared affordable. You entice you what you are trying to find or what you hold inattention. Therefore ask and you may acquire, a fundamental tenant of “The Secret” or “the Law of Attraction,” must yield the effects that you are looking for.

“Should” – but here’s there may be more to the tale. Seems the person seeking investment for hospital therapy is on lengthy-term incapacity. There is not any doubt that the man or woman is sick and needs scientific interest. But as Paul Harvey might say – right here’s the relaxation of the story. The individual in question contracted her contamination 20+ years in the past. That was now not revealed to the employer thru whom she has a long-term incapacity. In her phrases, ” have they regarded after I got unwell, it’d were taken into consideration a pre-existing circumstance and I might now not have acquired my incapacity benefit. So I never talk approximately the ones early days.”

Wow…My first thought changed into right here turned into someone who knew that perhaps they wouldn’t qualify for a benefit but become inclined to play the machine for personal benefit. Would they inclined to be sincere and accept the results? Again, permit me to make it clear – I do not doubt the contamination – I’m concerned approximately the ethics of taking what may not be rightly theirs. But the story goes deeper.


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While on long-time period incapacity the man or woman in query located out that the insurance employer had her under investigation. It seems that insurance corporations are brief to investigate a good way to keep away from fraudulent claims or payouts. Do coverage companies use moral processes in an effort to find out the reality? Probably no longer – but, there had been many documented claims of disability while, in reality, it becomes now not one hundred% genuine. Does this justify unethical investigational processes? No, however, one should see how that would apply whilst the rest of the tale is found out.

Let’s take it a piece further. A person who has a hundred% disability prepares for a journey to a huge city in anticipation of a prime overall performance at a world famed venue. Wait – that is perplexing, I thought parents with disabilities – mainly one hundred% were, well shall we embrace, challenged with strenuous effort. I agree. But let’s take a look at the statistics – packing healthy instances, touring to the airport, boarding a plane, going to the lodge, working towards for hours (in anticipation of the overall performance), status for hours (earlier than and throughout the overall performance) after which attending a celebration assembly following. Doesn’t sound like a person who is completely disabled.

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But there may be more. How did this cross undetected by means of the insurance enterprise? Good question. One suitcase changed into wrapped up like a present in order that it’d not seem suspicious as it changed into taken out of the living. And, upon return, the disabled individual exited (now not at her dwelling), however far away – so that she ought to flow at the back of the building – soar a fence – and sneak in the returned door in order that everyone watching might not recognize that she again. And what approximately the suitcases. She had them taken to any other vicinity so that she may want to unpack them a touch at a time – sporting the contents in grocery bags – again to fool any coverage investigator who might be searching.

“I don’t want them to understand I’ve been away. Otherwise, they would observe me and use the experience against me in their try and deny my claim,” stated the person. It appears that the coverage company would contend that she ought to perform a little painting – and even as that might be genuine – she positive didn’t want to allow them to recognize that.

While I will say, another time, that I don’t doubt her illness – I am surprised at the shortage of ethics and integrity involved in seeking to dupe the coverage employer – thereby, allowing the ability to advantage economic gain.

But what does this have to do with the “Law of Attraction?” There are many “legal guidelines” that we live beneath and via which govern our world because it operates every day. There’s the “law of gravity.” We can not deny that. Likewise, there may be another law – some know it as “You attain what you sow,” or the “law of purpose and impact.” Either manner, as a motivation speaker, I locate that I am called up to talk to groups about the application of this regulation – as I actually have lived via each the effects and benefits of its software. I communicate first hand on Choices: Negative Consequences – Positive Results a keynote speech that outlines the energy we’ve as people based totally on the alternatives we make. Further, the presentation, Make It Happen is a keynote presentation outlining the practical application of the “Law of Attraction.”

What seems true is that the laws we speak of labor most effective if they are congruent with different time-honored laws. For instance, the “regulation of enchantment” will no longer praise someone financially in the event that they rob a bank, as this is incongruent with the “law of purpose and effect,” which will generate a terrible effect for the theft – prison. Similarly, one will now not be rewarded with positive results long time thru mendacity.

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We do attain what we sow and, normally, on a familiar stage, we’ve got in our lives what we attract to us. In this case (I may be proved incorrect – but I don’t assume so), I doubt that the universe, via the “Law of Attraction” will provide the important funding for the hospital treatment this man or woman seeks – due to the fact that such enchantment might be incongruent with other familiar laws. Dishonesty, unethical conduct, or lack of integrity, all blended will produce an outcome that is much less than this folk nice.

As a motivational speaker who speaks on the “Law of Attraction” as well as the “Law of Cause and Effect,” I feel pressured to percentage with this person the truth approximately the software of these legal guidelines. Yet, after numerous conversations – I’m pretty satisfied the message might not be heard. So regularly we get so stuck up in our web of deceit that we cannot see the reality – even when it’s in the front people. More importantly, we may not be inclined to simply accept the effects of changing our conduct – and at that point, the outcomes – after they appear – will be greater dramatic than we’d ever anticipated. Insurance fraud is punishable by jail – which is not the outcome being sought.

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