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Nokia 808 PureView With 41mp Camera and Much More

The ultra-modern buzz around the technology market is about Nokia 808 PureView. Even though this product has a Symbian-based platform, it offers the person appropriate digicam high-quality, sound, and terrific battery lifestyles; however, these aren’t the best motives to purchase this product. There’s plenty greater. Let us discover what is about the Nokia 808 PureView to appeal to the person buying this cell.


Look and experience

The look and experience of the Nokia 808 PureView offer the feeling of a candy bar form when you hold it in hand; the top shape of the handset is thick, and the decrease part is a chunk lanky. Weighing at 169 gms and 14 inches of thickness, this handset is comparatively more dense than the Google Smartphone. The edges are rounded at the corners, giving it a first-rate look. Overall, it seems a robust tool while you preserve it within the palm of your hand.

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This handset’s decision is that of 360by640, which is alternatively disappointing compared to other smartphones in the market. This results in unimpressive visuals; possibly the purpose why the resolution is stored low has something to do with accommodating the most variety of apps for Symbian. The bottom of the cellphone is a strip with more than one button from right here. The user can get admission to the primary functionality easily.

Port facility and different capabilities

An audio port of 3.5mm is located at the pinnacle. An HDMI port is also available with a USB 2.Zero port. The HDMI port is inside protective protection to prevent dirt accumulation. All the function buttons are positioned at the device’s proper-hand side: volume, digital camera, and display lock buttons. If you’re looking for audio recording, the effects could be accurate as the microphone is sensitively positioned at the pinnacle of most of the tools to facilitate smooth recording. Additionally, the microphone carries a wealthy recording characteristic that enables recording clean sound sans voice distortion or background noise distraction.

The bottom of the handset carries a matt end defensive battery cowl with self-lock functionality. This makes it smooth to grip and take care of. The normal look and sense of the phone are first-rate, and the handset is straightforward to preserve.

This is probably the first-rate characteristic that a smartphone can ever have. A massive forty-one mp digital camera enabled with Carl Zeiss technology and powered with Xenon flash mild. This is indeed more like a digicam with a telephone. However, allow consciousness upon the statistics instead of what is more obvious. The person can sincerely shoot a 38 or 34 mp picture resolution using this digicam. The era in the back of this digital camera is that of Carl Zeiss, with five layers of glass to assist in capturing hello-nice pictures. Therefore, on average, it’s far more like an image sensor than a real digicam, to be precise technically.


The pix shot through this 41mp digicam or image sensor might be a visual deal with a natural existence like shade and clean snapshots. Shooting in dim or terrible light is now distinctly easier as the Xenon flash is available to help capture images while the light’s conditions are unfavorable.

Video recording

As long as video recording is a worry, you can, without problems, seize 30 frames/2D with HD high-quality (1080p), which includes the feature of 4x zoom for video recording. Just manually faucet on the digital camera to permit the functionality of awareness in the sensor’s direction. You will locate three fundamental functionalities inno:vative, automatic, and scenes.

Creativity gives the freedom to make settings as required; this consists of sharpness, quality, shade tones, modes, aspect ratio, saturation, comparison, and picture decisions.

The automatic mode automatically makes the changes, and you need not get troubled by manually enabling the functionalities. The scene modes assist in setting related to scenes.

Apps and OS (Operating System)

The OS of Nokia consists of Belle feature packs, similar to Symbian code, with a few tweaks and a few delivered functions. FP1 (Belle) is a good replacement for users who already have Symbian-powered tools. The simplest disadvantage it seems to have is that of 16-bit pictures.

If you are using mobile surfing, you’ll be disappointed with the aid of the gradual overall performance. The functionalities of pinch and zoom are not nicely supported. To revel in exact browsing, you’ll require putting in Opera Mobile or Mini; this can help you get via simple browsing via mobile. As far as apps are concerned, with 512MB, those are gradually loading.

This telephone’s performance isn’t always better than its predecessor regarding multimedia capability. The tune player is ideal for each mode (landscape and portrait). The panorama mode has more functionality to provide together with the album test. You can, without difficulty, store songs and movies with its 16GB memory. Nokia 808 PureView supports almost all audio codecs, so you need not fear approximate report conversion.

The nice sound is DDP (Dolby Digital Plus) and Dolby Headphones that give first-rate good quality. Club to it the technology of energetic noise cancellation that makes it more of a transportable tune tool. You could be surprised by the ability to playback at most 720p and 1080p HD videos without difficulty.

All folks who love being attentive to FM with RDS can be more than happy with the technical aspects and the capacity to supply clear sound and Dolby song output. You’ll still need to plug in Dolby-enabled headphones to experience the equal. Flicking amongst stations is simple with easy finger touch. The person will also be capable of making settings to tweak radio playback to permit appropriate nic. On the bonus, you may be surprised to locate an app connecting different gadgets to circulation content.

Listening to audio via a speaker at the bottom of the handset is excellent. The sound is clear and loud, particularly when you permit the speaker’s capability. Therefore, now you may easily put on the speaker functionality to be attentive to loud tunes or flip it on to get the texture of owning a tracking tool.

Nokia is understood to provide excellent battery backup for all its devices; identical can be stated for the Nokia 808 PureView. Amazingly, the approach of putting an ARM11 architecture processor works, and you will be capable of life on 1 ½ days while not having to price the tool (1400 mAh Li-ion 5.3Wh battery). Nevertheless, if you are recording HD videos, the output could be around five hours of battery time. It would help if you remembered to turn off the WiFi while not using this phone too, like different devices, eat battery with needless apps and packages walking for longer without being used.


The Nokia 808 PureView is one of the high-quality smartphones to date. The charge of this tool is anticipated to be Rs.31,000 approx. When we look at the product average, it is a great product loaded with features, appropriate appears armed with ARM11 technology to keep strength consumption.

This phone’s first-class function is the digicam, picture best, video, and the potential to record clear audio. These functions are sufficient to attract most avid newbie photographers and people who need to register videos without carrying masses of equipment. Additionally, voice readability for calling is what everyone is extra concerned about; right here, it does make sense to many customers.

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