Pan/Tilt/Zoom Sony Cameras – Variety Is the Name of the Game!

Models EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) and EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) PTZ cameras: EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) and the EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) cameras have the coolest fortune of inheriting qualities from their predecessor, Sony’s EVI-HD1 (EVIHD1) PTZ camera. While being excessive-definition, those cameras have advantages from such solid traits and capabilities as easy, high-pace pan/tilt operation, convenient wide-angle area of view, external/remote control, 6×9 factor ratio pix, vehicle-attention, a quiet PTZ operation, and a 10x optical, 40x digital and optical zoom; these cameras have been in advance of the pan/tilt/zoom sport from their release.


Camera settings and pan/tilt/zoom capabilities can be executed remotely at high communique speeds via the RS-232C interface (VISCA protocol). Both cameras are equal in size, measuring nine-7/eight” x 6″ x 5-3/eight” and weighing three kilos, five oz. Additional shared characteristics for the EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) and the EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) include:

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Joining the ever-famous EVI’s own family of Sony cameras, the EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) offers high-definition images at a less costly charge. This all-in-one Pan/Tilt Zoom coloration video digicam uses 1/three kind perfect CMOS imaging sensors, providing splendid, complete, excessive-definition images with its class-leading all-in-one Pan/Tilt /Zoom capability.

Depending on the application and infrastructure possibilities, the EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) has flexibility, presenting four selectable HD video output options in the modern scan, and can guide VGA mode for delivered migration aid.

Utilizing Sony’s robust historical past in PTZ mechanics, combined with exquisite high-definition photo satisfactory at up to 720p/60, the EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) digicam presents an optimized high-definition digital camera alternative for utility environments where the preference is for a mid-range answer, or wherein infrastructure restrictions exist.

Always in advance of the game, Sony has strengthened its leadership position in high-definition cameras by way of combining their robust tradition in Pan/Tilt/Zoom generation with the discharge of the EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V), the first Full HD 1080/60p digital camera to sign up for the ever-popular EVI selection of products, The EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) and the EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) cameras are both appropriate for the video conferencing marketplace, broadcast, distance gaining knowledge of, houses of worship, company training and small-sized rooms including courtrooms, and boardrooms. These and other A/V markets continue to utilize high-definition cameras, and the Sony EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) and EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) guide these programs and continue to elevate the bar with top-notch picture high-quality in Full HD. Now, you’re saying to yourself, if they are so similar, what makes them exceptional?

The variations among the 2 PTZ cameras lie within the Video Format and Video Outputs. The EVI-HD3V (EVIHD3V) P/T/Z digital camera provides an excessive definition as much as 720/60p. The EVI-HD7V (EVIHD7V) also gives a brilliant, full, excessive-definition image of as much as 1080/60p with this magnificence-leading all-in-one Color Video Camera.

Models EVI-D70P (EVID70P) and EVI-D100P (EVID100P) PTZ cameras:


Complimenting the Sony line-up for EVI robot coloration Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are the EVI-D70/P (EVID70/P) and the EVI-D100/100P (EVID100/100P) cameras. When replacing an object of their robotic digicam line-up, Sony does it higher than anybody! The vicinity of the industry’s main Sony EVI-D30 (EVID30) shade PTZ video digicam is the new EVI-D70 (EVID70) PTZ video digital camera. While those PTZ cameras aren’t an excessive definition, that doesn’t forestall their capacity to supply amazing pictures!


User-friendly, this camera combines an excessive high-quality kind EXview HAD CCD with the ability of a faraway pan/tilt/zoom operation for first-rate images. Unlike the EVI-D30 (EVID30), the EVI-D70 (EVID70)includes a much wider P/T/Z variety and an 18x optical zoom lens, allowing the person to zoom in on a small or remote item with splendid readability. Also upgraded from the EVI-D30 (EVID30) is a quicker and smoother pan/tilt, with a wider variety; 340 ranges instead of 100 levels of the pan, and one hundred twenty degrees versus 25 groups for the lean mechanism.

Utilizing this optical zoom lens and a quicker pan/tilt mechanism, it’s far the best desire for distance-gaining knowledge of video conferencing, houses of worship, courtrooms, hospitals, nursing houses, occasions, live performance halls, and other far-off capturing utility. And most of all, it is ceiling mountable (additionally computer mountable)- a first for Sony’s famous EVI cameras! The EVI-D70 (EVID70) is small: 5-1/four” x five-three/four” x five-3/4″, and weighs a mere 2 pounds, 2 oz.

The EVI-D70 (EVID70) digicam’s vehicle ICR characteristic can automatically transfer the settings to connect or do away with the IR Cut filter for accelerated sensitivity. With a fixed stage of darkness, the IR Cut Filter is mechanically disabled (ICR ON), increasing the infrared sensitivity. With a hard and fast brightness set, the clear-out mechanically engages depending on the ambient light, permitting the camera to be effective in day and night environments. Using Auto-Tracking, a user can pre-define subjects to be constantly tracked. Four modes for pre-defining are had, i.e., pan and tilt, auto-zoom, automobile publicity, and motion detection. All digicam settings and pan/tilt/zoom functions can be managed remotely through a PC.


The Sony EVI-D100P (EVID100P) P/T/Zoom digicam is likewise a high fine CCD digicam with an extensive-attitude view and 40x zoom (10x optical and 4x virtual), complete with outstanding features of car awareness, vehicle white balance, and automated exposure control for immediate, stable, fingers-free operation while the digital camera modifications pan/tilt positions. Because of its high-velocity, wide variety pan/tilt head, the EVI-D100P (EVID100P) camera moves to pre-determined classes quickly and at once, with one of the maximum pan/tilt speeds in its magnificence. A furnished far-flung commander is powerful for essential P/T/Z camera management. When the Auto Sleep characteristic is in use, the camera can be set to mechanically turn off while not in use after a selected time frame.

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