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Really Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Not Make

Home security always starts with a determination actually to make this a priority. Home security is so much more than what many think. Excellent intentions cannot help in the event people living in the home often make mistakes. Burglars will always adapt and look for various things that can be done to break in. Contrary to what you might think, according to expert plumbers in Dromana, most burglaries happen because of some prevalent mistakes that can so easily be avoided. These are presented below so you avoid them.

5 Most Common Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk | Vector Security

Overestimating The Strength Of The Door Frame

Many homeowners believe that the only thing needed is a perfect deadbolt lock to stop a burglar from breaching the door. In reality, deadbolts offer limited security. For instance, if a person kicks the door, the door frame will give way in most situations. This is why it is a good idea to improve door frame integrity. Most lock and latch plates are held with some short screws. Replacing them with longer ones instantly increases door frame strength.

Hiding The Spare Key In An Inappropriate Place

Remember that even beginner burglars know the widespread spare key hiding places. Having a fake rock close to the porch will not fool anyone. If you need to have a spare key outside the home, you need to consider digital keycode locks or biometric locks. They are much more affordable than in the past. You can also leave the spare key with a neighbor you trust, usually at home.

Not Securing Sheds And Garages

People often leave sheds and garages unlocked or open, even if they would never consider this for the home. There are many valuable possessions in the garage, and burglars know that. In sheds, you will often store yard tools and bicycles. Also, your garage can be an entry point into your home. Ensure you secure the shed and the garage just as you do with the rest of the house.

Lack Of Second Floor Security

Many homeowners do not even bother to lock the windows on the second story. Burglars know this, and they have already thought of various ways to reach the upper floors, like using a deck railing. Also, if the shed is unlocked and there is a ladder, it is easy to enter the home. Some burglars are even really skilled at moving up and down drain pipes. This is why you always lock up the ladder and the second-story windows.

Not Arming Home Security Systems

A security system can deter the burglar, but many homeowners do not arm them when away or at night. The entire family needs to form a habit of doing this. Also, if a security code is present, it should not be straightforward to guess. Thieves know the most common ones and the default ones for most security systems. Ensure you arm the security system since you bought it for a reason.

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