Restaurants Who Do Not Have a Mobile Website Are Losing Business

The restaurant business is difficult enough without dealing with all of the advertising gimmicks that don’t deliver a good return on your investment. With opposition up and purchaser spending down, many restaurants turn to charge-based promotions to draw new customers. Groupon is now, arguably, the quickest-developing organization ever. Hundreds of corporations are imitating the Groupon commercial enterprise version, giving restaurants an impressive number of choices to invest in their advertising dollars. Unfortunately, too many restaurants reality LOSE money after they run that day-by-day deal packages. Often, the promoted deals depart with little or no earnings margins. Usually, eating places aren’t organized for the onslaught of the latest visitors and have bad evaluations in reaping the benefits of the latest, long-term customers.


Instead of merely seeking to appeal to foot visitors with an unmarried, earnings-busting deal these days (and most will now not be lower back once the merchandising is over), your advertising efforts and investment might be better spent helping customers discover you and maintain them properly through your door!

If you have invested in an internet site and have dabbled in Social Media, congratulations, you have made essential first steps in helping customers locate you. If you’ve invested in Search Engine Optimization and Local Search, you are five steps before your competition. It is a connected world we live in, and the Internet has emerged as the Yellow Pages, magazines, newspapers, roadmap, and Betty Sue down the street, who can tell you if that restaurant is good or not – all rolled into one.

But even past that, humans are taking all that computing electricity with them – wherever they move. Look around any public place, and you may see humans browsing the Web on their smartphones. They may be “Googling” eating places in their region to see where they need to go for lunch. By the way, their smartphone and Google understand exactly where they are. This allows Google to present them with choices based on their vicinity and what they’re seeking. (How Google decides which eating places to offer and what order is the subject of an entirely different article.)

Smartphone users get eating and restaurant guidelines in the shape of seeking consequences, checking critiques for any restaurant they may be thinking about, speedy making a reservation, and getting turn-by-of-flip approaches – all in seconds, from their cellphones.

If you do not have a Mobile website for your restaurant, you’re likely dropping commercial enterprise to a competitor. In many instances, Google will present Mobile websites, over the conventional computing device formatted website, for searches performed from a phone. Google’s first intention is to make the end-user revel in as applicable and enjoyable as possible. That overriding intention trumps your desire to rank on the first page of a Google search – whenever.

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So, let’s observe it from the person’s perspective. Let’s say Joe Smith is looking for an Italian restaurant to take his spouse to for a romantic dinner. Google will gift many options for Joe to recall. He clicks on the primary eating place on the listing and gets their website. The internet site is lovely and might be perfect for Joe’s romantic nighttime – if he has been looking at it from his computing device computer.

But Joe is searching from his cellphone. The type is so small he can’t read any of it. (Did you already know that 60% of the populace wears analyzing glasses?) He tries to pinch and pull, then scrolls up, down, left, and proper to see what is on the menu. Like the general public,

Joe is all thumbs and struggles to navigate the little, itty, bitty kind, and location tabs on his phone screen. While this restaurant has the capability, he can’t see if they offer veal scaloppini, his spouse’s preferred, so he goes on to the following restaurant on the list. This commercial enterprise lost the first restaurant, which probably invested much money and time to get the number one ranking in nearby searches.

A Mobile internet site is a simplified version of your eating place’s full website. It is optimized to make it clean to look and navigate for telephone users. It is an extension of your business and is a direct connection to your potential patron at the precise second they’re looking for a place to devour. Your customer’s Mobile web revels in wishes to be as pleasing as the experience you figure so hard to supply once the customer comes to your door.


OK, time for some other instance. This time, Joe plans a night out with the guys. They are looking for a sports activities bar with desirable bar food. Joe Googles a few options. He likes what he sees on Sports Bar A’s Mobile website and offers it a strive. Once there, Joe and his 3threepals are so impressed with the HD TVs and the recent wings that they “Four Square” or “Facebook Places” their friends.

Soon, five of their friends will will be a part of them. One sees a QR code on the drink specials desk tent and uses his phone to check it out. He sees a web page of Sports Bar A’s Mobile internet site with a promotional offer and a smooth fill-in entry shape on his cellphone. They all decide to participate in the promotion.

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