Saudi blogger invitations Israelis to go to Saudi Arabia

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, who recently visited Israel, has invited Israelis to visit Saudi Arabia, stressing his admiration for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to Israel’s Channel thirteen, Saudi said that the Israelis could now not sense like foreigners in Saudi Arabia and that after he visited Israel, he felt at home.

He brought: “I love Netanyahu and Israel, and I want to peer Israelis in Saudi Arabia. I met Netanyahu’s son, and I remember him a chum. We pointed out mutual issues, such as Israel’s coverage towards Iran, the Middle East, and the Iranian regime.”

Saudi blogger
“I definitely like Israeli meals, like humous and falafel, it’s scrumptious. I’ve in no way eaten as tons as I did in Israel. I also like the songs of Israeli singers like Chava Alberstein, Ofra Haza, Shoshana Damari, Eden Ben Zaken, and Sarit Hadad. My playlist is complete of Israeli singers.”

Saud thanked the Israeli Knesset individuals and the Israeli Foreign Ministry, which invited him to go to Israel. He gave a unique way to Hassan Kaeebeh, an Arabic spokesman for the overseas ministry tasked with communicating with Arab people. Saud even counseled Kaeebeh to be presented the Nobel Peace Prize.
Saud toured occupied Jerusalem last month following an invite from Tel Aviv. He met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair and visited the Muslim holy website online of Al-Aqsa Mosque; however, he changed into pressured out of the vicinity after he changed into insulted by using Palestinian worshippers who called him a “traitor.”

Saudi King Salman frequently reiterates that the dominion is dedicated to reaching the rights of Palestinians. Still, his son, the de facto ruler of the oil-wealthy state, has been visible to be cozying as much as Western states and Israel to ensure his continued reign.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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