SEO and Blogging

Search engine marketing and blogging can be used collectively to offer you a nearly unbeatable mixture, no longer handiest without cost marketing and making cash.


Suppose the goal of your website or weblog is to offer records or function a website on an income-making basis. In that case, search engine optimization and blogging can improve your modern-day site visitors’ level. If your purpose is to make cash, for a chunk more to pay the credit score playing cards every month, or as your most important or sole manner of profits, you can use a weblog and a properly designed website to improve your site visitors’ glide.

So permit’s reduce to the chase as they say, or hang out the infant and spot what drips off, or put out the mat and spot what it collects out of your feet! How can humans be critical of this stuff at so-called surprise conferences? Beats me! Anyhow, let’s open the refrigerator and notice what is clean.

Search engine marketing – THE QUICK WAY

First SEO. If your internet site appears proper to the search engines, it’ll have an excellent threat of being indexed. But let’s be sensible: the fine is Google, so keep Google candy, and the relaxation will observe. Design each net web page with your home page, spherical one keyword or keyphrase. Don’t try to optimize any page for more than one keyword, or you’ll fail.

Forget the Meta tags. Put them in if you have the time, but not for the short manner. Put your page name in… Tags and include your page keyword. It ought not to be the handiest keyword. However, that needs to be a part of it. For instance, if your keyword is ‘Using Blogs, ‘ your identity might be:
Using Blogs and SEO to Make Money.’

That’s a considerable name and a good manner of applying the keyword ‘the use of blogs on your web page. The first heading or headline should be ‘Using Blogs. ‘ Just that, and put it in H1 HTML tags. Don’t fear the purity of your HTML because Google doesn’t give a toss as long it can recognize your H1 tags and Title.

If you have any images, even a fee photograph, along with the one that Clickbank gives, upload an alt relation to it. This reinforces that the page’s topic is ‘the usage of blogs.’

Use your keyword inside the first a hundred characters of your body HTML, for instance, Title:

“Using Blogs”

“Using blogs in combination with suitable website search engine marketing has been proved an exceedingly powerful technique in earning profits. The secret’s to recognize the wishes of bloggers and search engine users, and the way to combine the two into an unmarried cash-generating device that you could layout to work on autopilot at the same time as you work on your subsequent cash-spinning undertaking.”


Look at that again: I have used the keyword inside the heading and all the phrases in the Page name within the first a hundred characters. The keyword is used immediately, and the rest of the word is also in the first sentence. If you use the keyword again in the remaining paragraph, the crawlers will love it, and you will have a head beginning for your competition.

You could then maintain the subject of blogs and have another phase on the identical web page with the heading: “Using Blogs and search engine marketing” contained within H2 tags that expands on the subject of blogs and search engine optimization even as introducing the idea of using blogs and web pages collectively to their mutual advantage.

That is all you want to do on each page; however, do it on EVERY web page that must be optimized for each one-of-a-kind keyword you have diagnosed as being well worthwhile to apply to your website. However, there may be one extra component you must do: lay out your internal linking approach on your excellent gain. It must allow your site visitors to navigate pages and attain pages they want, such as your Privacy Policy and Contact details.

However, it’s far greater than that. It is also a way of main the quest engine spider to bounce your dance, and no longer Google’s Dance, as it had been. Lead the spider to the pages you need to look at when you need it to look at them and bar it from seeing the ones it does not need to see. You can permit people to peer pages that you have blocked from spiders. Simply area a huge ‘Humans Only’ signal above each door, and the spider cannot get in.

Your blogs must be up to date to expose each alternate you make in your website but be optimized for exceptional keywords to those your internet site uses. I have examined blogs with and without identical key phrases and my net pages, and they typically paint nice while not competing.


For some causes that I can not follow good judgment to, I get better outcomes from my website while related to blogs with special key phrases. However, that’s unimportant. What is crucial is that, unlike article directories, the articles in your blogs can be put up for sale on as many websites or products as you need. That is one of their important advantages when used along with websites. You can use one to market it the opposite without fear of losing something because they each belong to you. You can not have a net loss with links among two of your very own sites.

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