Seven Difficulties Every New Blogger Will Encounter

So you need to make a weblog? You planned it all out. You recognize you may make it massive. You understand that you may make unique content material. You have examined every possible tip you can find online and think it’s spotless. You are some weeks or days into launching your blog.

You have already seen through the tools and selected between WordPress and Blogger or any other device. You have appeared via distinctive hosts and chosen one thatfore you get the concept that I’m trying to discourage you; please do not. These are the matters I accept as true that each would-be blogger out there needs to recognize before they begin.


1. Why Are You Blogging?

Blogging could be effortless, but you don’t want to make money writing and submitting anything, and that’s it. No biggie. If you’re blogging with earnings in thoughts, that is an exceptional story. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK. Content will always be the blog’s center, depending on your solution to this query. If your answer is to percentage thoughts, you won’t sense horrific approximately writing long and likely uninteresting articles to explain your point.

If you are blogging for money, I wager it is smooth. Just think of something that could capture other humans’ interest, and you may have to write stuff that would contact human interest. My answer was both. I desired to proportion and make cash, so I’m struggling to find a manner to balance myself and my readers. I need to percentage my ideas as distinct as I need, but I do not want to get my readers bored, so writing is constantly a struggle for me, and unluckily I’m greater on the uninteresting details.

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2. Getting Steady Viewership is Not a Simple Matter

So you know you may write thrilling stuff, and you watched getting readers is simple, right? Okay, I have read and tried to observe two articles and saved them at coronary heart. One turned into SEOMOZ and the opposite from Steve Pavlina. But seriously, although, don’t assume it to be smooth. Making content can be the best thing within the international; however, getting visitors is tough.

Sure, I attempted to alternate my titles to match search engines like Google and Yahoo. I tried to comment on different blogs and published links. I get a massive upward push in readership every time I spread the word on social networks. But, once I forestall, my readership is going backpedal. Nowadays, I’m one month into blogging, and the nice I can make is a median of 20 views a day without doing anything.

I thought my articles might be effortlessly searchable; however, I failed to recognize that I’m now not the simplest blogger who has thought of writing about the same factor. Sure, billions of people are out there, but there are also tens of millions of blogs to pick from. I concept I had my records right. However, I changed incorrectly in even thinking about statistics. Blogging is hard work, as you’ll understand when you launch.

3. You Will Eventually Get To The Point of Asking Whether It’s Worth It or Not

Yes, just one month into running a blog, I’m already asking myself why I need to push on. I’m now not getting as many visitors as I thought I would. I’m not making as a whole lot of money as I notion I would. I’m sure I’m creating exactly exceptional content. I am probably writing long and dull stuff, but I realize that I’m giving all and sundry who reads my stuff something useful. Is content king proper? Why am I now not getting sufficient readers and making enough cash? Plus, I’m giving up much of my time and effort here.

I have already found my solution through an internal verbal exchange, so I realize I’m pushing through. Once you invest in web hosting and other matters and experience like you are failing, it can hurt.

4. There Are Technical Stuff You Have To Know or Will be Forced to Learn

Blog Theme

I have blogged earlier than on a few unfastened running a blog site, so I have an idea of how having my host and stuff will be easy, but no, it is complex. I thought that when I get a host, I’ll try installing WordPress, and it’s performed, but it wasn’t! Installing it changed into clean IF I KNEW HOW. The property information is that you could locate the solutions from tech help and direction from different blogs and websites.

You will learn and be forced to learn things. You doze, you can locate someone who will do it for you or not weblog because running a blog isn’t pretty much writing and posting. It’s also approximately lots of technical stuff.

5. You Will Become Public Property

Just like the stuff you put up on your social network wall, the belongings you post in your blog are for each person to see, so do not get disenchanted if people start arising to you and telling you stuff you don’t need to hear. Public assets are always a concern with an opinion, so don’t put up whatever you do not want to be criticized for. Be prepared to be yelled at by folks who get indignant.

Be prepared to be informed of something. But of course, it is no longer always going to be awful. There are humans obtainable who will appreciate what you’re writing approximately and will permit you to recognize. That, for me, is a pleasant feeling globally. You cannot please everyone.

6. Blogging is Hard Work

Do you think blogging is easy? Maybe it’s far, in case you need to make a diary. It makes sense because that is what running a blog initially turned into. But it won’t be easy it won’t be easy if you’re running a blog and want to get several readers and make an income from it. Before launching my weblog, I of the route researched other bloggers. Most of them say that running a blog is lots of work, and I,

of course, failed to need to agree with them. Like every “civilian,” I had the idea that blogging didn’t require too much effort, and it changed into just for people who have not nothing else to do; still, now that I’m into running a blog, I have even discovered that it is hard as some other regular jobs.

Of course, you don’t exert excessive bodilyattemptst with the aid of typing and clicking; however, writing posts and finding ways to improve your blog and get readership may be tense. If you’re serious about blogging, you better recall giving up time to do things you like.

I gave up going to the health club, watching TV, and a few hours from my regular sleep time. Not really because I desired to, however, because I’m severe about blogging, and I want to make this painting.

7. So Little Time, So Much to Do

Blog Theme

As I said, you might surrender a few things because of critical blogging and time. I have a daily task, so all I have is my nighttime time. I used to spend an hour in the gymnasium each day to keep in shape, and now I’m a fat slob, not that I’ve been buff or ripped.

However, I’m getting fatter. I watched several TVs; however, I do not truly watch much anymore. I love napping and require 8 hours of sleep daily; however, now I get approximately 4 to 6. I spent a lot of time blogging and needed to sacrifice many things I used to revel in.

Was it worth it? Well, I’ve been asking myself that; however, now I can say yes, and I will keep doing this for a long time because it’s far something I recognize I’m properly at.

I’m doing this because my mind and ideas are influencing others. I acknowledge that I am assisting others and understand that I can make cash out of this in time. I have to be patient and keep giving my nice.

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