Should I Fix My Computer or Buy a New One?

Unless you’re a recent entrant to the world of computer systems, this might be a question you’ve requested yourself before. After all, if your pc doesn’t work well, you can have a strong instinct to throw it out and pass get every other one; however, keep thinking if it’s far really worth solving. This article is intended to help you decide which of those paths you have to take to get a PC up and walking so you can cross about your work or play.

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You may be questioning that because this is a computer repair technician writing this article, I’m going to tell you that you must restore your computer in preference to getting a brand new one during nearly every case. Not so. Just as there are many reasons to restore your laptop, there are plenty of motives to shop for a brand new one as an alternative.

Although the charges of patron computer systems are nowhere close to the expenses of latest motors, those of you who’ve had to decide whether or not to repair an older automobile or purchase a new one can also discover it helpful to think about that method due to the fact it’s miles similar. I could propose you make two columns and write the cause to shop for or restore in the best column.

If you observed it this way, you’d locate yourself coming to a reasoned and affordable conclusion. Also, remember that if another individual has your identical PC version and the same problem, what he or she comes to a decision does no longer make their choice true for you. Keep in mind that there isn’t always a proper or wrong answer; the best is the pleasant answer for you. While this article and others can help your decision process, the exceptional answer is something handiest you could decide. Be cautious of people who are sure that they recognize what you want.

Let’s observe some reasons to repair your modern laptop:

• Budget – Although the extra cost can be well worth it, shopping for a brand new PC is USUALLY extra high-priced than solving your modern-day computer. If you are on decent finances or are only a frugal individual, fixing maximum problems may be first-class for you.

• Data – This 2nd purpose is related to the price range item. Whichever direction deciding to take, you may (usually) maintain your pictures, documents, song, emails, commercial enterprise documents, and vital private facts. It is simpler, though, if you are retaining your computer because if you get a brand new PC, you’ll need to pay a person to switch that fact to a new PC. Many of you could do that without a problem; however, no longer can everyone. Also, in case your PC might not boot to Windows, and the information needs to be extracted from the computer, maximum of you may need a person to get the records off the tough disk, this means that you’ll be paying each for a new computer plus a service charge to a pc technician.

• Applications – If you get a brand new computer, you’ll additionally need to reinstall all of your applications. Some can be downloaded, like iTunes or Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, any which you paid for, together with Microsoft Office, will likely be on CD/DVD. They need to be hooked up from this media, in conjunction with the product key that came with them. My revel in has been that both organized and unorganized people tend to lose application CDs, especially if they have had their pc for several years. Before shopping for a brand new computer, gather all of your application set up CDs and ensure you’ve got a disc for all the applications you operate. You can keep away from this procedure and have all of your programs as they had been in case you get your pc fixed. However, it needs to be referred to that if the proposed restore on your modern PC is to reinstall Windows, this difficulty is moot due to the fact all your applications will be installed on a new Windows installation, simply as on a new PC.

• Upgrades – If your pc is only a little slow or can’t do a sure factor, you can typically upgrade the RAM or video card, or the aforementioned USB three.0 card an awful lot extra cost-effectively than you could buy a new PC.


• Windows 8 – Have you used or seen Windows eight or 8.1? If you get a brand new laptop, it’ll have Windows eight.1 on it. This is important because, for all its pros and cons (and I do not wish to have interaction those questions here), many, many people locate it difficult to use and an enormous departure from the interface of Windows 7 and earlier versions. Like something else, you would possibly get used to it, irrespective of how an awful lot you dislike it, but if it isn’t always intuitive to you, why buy a system that incorporates it? Windows 7 can be placed on new computers after the purchase with laptop technicians’ aid if you purchase a duplicate on-line. But again, you will be paying more-this time for a brand new pc, plus a valid reproduction of Windows 7, plus the price of a carrier technician to put in Windows 7 at the pc.

• “Right Fit” – Buying something new is typically visible as “sexier” than keeping or repairing something used. So, if none of the reasons above grasp you, think about this. If you were satisfied along with your laptop earlier than it needed to be constant-happy with its velocity, reminiscence, accessories, competencies, and overall performance, it’s miles possibly that that laptop is the “Right Fit” for you. Why get every other computer when you may probably spend less and get to preserve something that suits you?

Now, allow’s take a look at a number of the motives to update your damaged laptop as opposed to restore it:

• Age – Although there’s no precise age at which retirement and alternative kicks in, most people realize it when they see it. If your pc becomes sluggish, even if in tip pinnacle form, it truly is probably a clue you want to go to the laptop store.

• Antiquated Accessories – If your PC has a manufacturing facility-hooked-up floppy disk pressure or has a CD but no DVD force, it is probably time to consider a brand new PC. Many people want rapid peripherals thru a USB three. Zero port. If you’ve got a computing device, you could, without problems, get a card installed, so I would not recollect this alone as a purpose to trash the antique PC, but in case you’re preserving rating, I could mark it within the purchase column.

• Major Hardware Damage-If you spilled a Coke or such within the pc, ruining its motherboard, I could no longer spend money on a restore.

• The Laugh Factor – Although I actually have never laughed at my customers, I even have, from time to time, laughed at a system this is introduced in. Why? Because it is so antique, so complete of dust and cigarette smoke, so slow, it’s miles nearly a comic story that someone is definitely paying me to be restorative this computer. If that is your laptop, there may be nothing to be embarrassed about but if you do not already recognize, deep down, which you need a brand new computer, then take that message from this newsletter. If ydecideion not to fix it ou just hold your computers for a long time, make certain their internal is wiped clean regularly, whether you do it yourself or carry it in for a cleansing. That dirt and smoke residue would not simply look awful; it can overheat your laptop and motivate its demise

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