The Curse of the Law Does Not Lead to Salvation

In the reading we heard from Galatians three:1-14 a couple of minutes in the past, the apostle Paul is chastising the Galatians in love for wandering far away from the fact of God’s Word. He calls them silly (or having a loss of expertise) for living utilizing the world’s guidelines in place of the dwelling by using God’s guidelines.


In verses 2-5, Paul asks the Galatians a chain of rhetorical questions designed to motivate them to go back to the foundation of their religion-the receiving of the Holy Spirit. They had already obtained the Holy Spirit the moment after they believed in Jesus. Any Christian who believes that they do now not have the Holy Spirit is either ignorant or unsaved-and the Galatians had been neither. The Holy Spirit is each believer’s unmistakable evidence of salvation and the the finest assurance of everlasting glory.

In Galatians three:3, the phrase “ideal” means mature, now not sinless. Spiritual adulthood and salvation each come from religion in Jesus. Faith changes our hearts from seeking to be desirable to Jesus thru our deeds to looking to live for him.

The Galatians were persecuted when they broke far from the Old Testament regulation. If they went back to following the rule, their persecution could be meaningless in the eyes of Jesus. The law couldn’t be obeyed perfectly. If one direction becomes broken, all of the rules are damaged. Only one character followed the law perfectly-Jesus.

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Believers inside the law had been proud of being Abraham’s seed. Abraham changed into justified while he had faith in God and God’s promise to present him with several descendants. Abraham changed into teaching in Genesis 12:1-3 that salvation was for all of us. Gentiles did now not have to turn out to be Jews with a purpose to be stored, and that was contrary to what the spiritual keepers of the regulation-specifically, the Scribes and Pharisees-had been coaching. If the Gentiles needed to become Jews who would be saved, that would be an example of salvation with the aid of deeds, and Paul said that changed no longer the truth of the Gospel. Deeds can handiest be a signal of our salvation. They are not the manner of salvation. The simplest deed that earned our salvation becomes Christ’s death on the go.

Most folks understand as Christians that God works in mysterious ways-approaches that are distinctive from our personal. We see this in Scripture and our lives but refuse to analyze experiences we do not like. When we refuse to research, we ought to repeat the manner. God uses the horrific studies of our lives to educate us. We should examine lifestyle problems, such as those resulting from our notion that we must earn salvation.

The presence of the Holy Spirit-our salvation- depends on faith. Our supernatural Christian existence suggests God’s magical power. Faith isn’t always a deed that makes us righteous. It unites us with Christ, who is our righteousness. In other words, we are made righteous through faith in Christ. We must publish God’s grace by using religion and not by deeds. If we need to be justified or declared righteous before God, we must locate our faith in Jesus and his sinless perfection. He bears our rightful curse and is our righteousness. He paid our sin debt on the go. He did what we couldn’t do for ourselves-he restored our dating with God. Through the cross, our sins are buried and forgiven. Everyone who places their religion in Jesus gets the Holy Spirit’s promise and turns into nonsecular sons and daughters of Abraham.


Abraham became justified through God now, not because of his deeds, but due to his faith. Gentile believers were made little kids of God and sons and daughters of Abraham due to their religion. The regulation and the required deeds couldn’t make humans children of God-handiest religion in God ought to. The rule became now not God’s way of salvation. The handiest way of salvation is by our faith. Faith gives us life. However, the law leads to loss of life as it must be obeyed perfectly-and humans are not ideal. Failure to follow the regulation leads to a curse on those who insist on living beneath the code, and that curse ultimately results in loss of life. Jesus voluntarily submitted himself to the law’s condemnation so we could stay without the curse. Our redemption is within the movement.

The reality is that the past turned into the set in a sinful world, and Christ lived and died outside of the sector means that there is no man or woman or location out of doors in the area of his effective suffering love. The pass indicates that God is loose to justify the complete global and anybody who lives in it. God’s justification no longer depends on human readiness, achievement, or self-attained advantage. It depends on God’s grace alone.

Unconditional love can trade our lives. God loves us unconditionally so much that he sent Jesus to free us from the curse of the law. God’s sovereign hand has given us the religious sight to peer joy in extraordinary and small matters. We are less and less certain of our very own impulses and dreams. We may be loose to show God’s love by serving others. Relying on our religion comes with blessings and the power of God.


God struck a decisive blow in opposition to the electricity of evil to reclaim what’s his. He restored our courting with him. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the beginning of a brand new age. It points to destiny and means courage, power, and energy that we want to live as Christians in our sin-stuffed international. To obtain this faith and let it paint in our lives, we must be open to the Gospel, welcome it, and yield our lives to Christ. As promise-making people of God, we can promise best those things God has promised us. We should live as though God’s kingdom has arrived. We are to bring the kingdom a bit extra fully every day by witnessing the good news of the Gospel to others.

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