The importance of Independence Day celebration at school

The day of 15th August 1947 is forever etched in the world’s history books as India gained its independence from colonial rule. India will celebrate its 76th independence from colonial rule on 15th August 2022. Independence Day is celebrated with great patriotism to honor the efforts and sacrifices of all freedom fighters. Due to this, we could experience our country’s golden era.

Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country in multiple places such as schools, offices, residential societies, etc. Celebrating Independence Day at schools has major significance for kids as they experience the freedom struggle and rich culture of India through various activities. Students may need to stack up their stationery items during Independence Day as they may have to participate in multiple activities.

The Independence Day celebration in any institution begins with the hoisting of the national flag, which is then followed by the singing of the national anthem. All the other activities planned for the day are performed after the flag-hoisting ceremony. These various activities performed as a part of the Independence Day celebration can benefit the students in the following ways.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION 2021 | Hindu VidyaPeeth Sonepat

Know the Freedom Struggle for Independence

Literature activities such as quizzes, essay writing, and speech writing competitions are organized in schools during the Independence Day celebration. Such literature activities can enable students to learn and understand the freedom movement and the freedom fighters involved in our independence. Students can always prepare for such literature activities for this year’s celebration using classmate notebooks and pens.

Involvement through Cultural Activities

Schools organize various cultural activities such as singing, dancing, and elocution competitions based on the theme of Independence Day. Through these cultural activities, students experience and learn about India’s rich culture that has been protected throughout the years since gaining independence. Students also build their confidence by presenting these cultural performances on the stage with a sense of patriotism towards the nation.

Building Discipline through the Independence Day Parade

Every year, Independence Day in the country is marked by glorious waves of parades performed by various contingents of the Army, Navy, and Air Force at the Red Fort. These parades are perfectly coordinated,d and each participant displays great discipline and commitment in performing their part to the utmost precision. Similarly, schools and institutions also organize parades where students get a chance to develop and display their set of discipline and commitment.

Promote the Importance of Nature

The occasion of Independence Day can be rightfully used to promote the importance of safeguarding nature. Schools can organize activities such as a tree plantation drive on Independence Day. Such actions can instill the importance of preserving and promoting character among students from an early age. Through such activities, students can learn to extend their responsibility to care for the nation’s environmental resources.

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