The Pleasure of Learning a New Hobby or Sport

I recently returned from my vacation, where I spent 12 incredible days in Colombia’s stunning country with my spouse and her circle of relatives. This became my second experience at Medellin, and I was surprised at all the new locations and experiences I could enjoy at some stage in my visit.


Aside from journeying the town, we had an outstanding six-day mini-tour on an island called San Andres, and let me let you know; this is when the good times, in reality, began to roll.

Upon landing on this small, tropical island, I became captivated by the environment. The crystal blue ocean, swaying palm bushes dotted across the beachfront, and enjoyable live track right at the seashore all took my breath away. I knew proper away I would have the time of my life, and I couldn’t wait to find out what turned into in keep for me.

After walking around a piece, I was captivated by two one-of-a-kind activities I wanted to probe for the first time: scuba diving and kite browsing. After spending ten minutes at the coast of San Andres and watching several kite surfers cruise via, I knew this turned into likely one of the first-rate locations wherein I could attempt this active game.

Best yet, since the water became so hot, a wet match wasn’t wished, whereas, on the southern California coast, irrespective of the time of 12 months, you want a damp game for any hobby that maintains you in the water for a prolonged time frame.

Nevertheless, scuba diving was first on the schedule, seeing that we could easily ebook the teacher Johnathan on one specific day. That said, I went on my underwater adventure and had the time of my life.

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Even though we just took a mini 3-hour direction and no longer emerged as certified, scuba diving as an interest/recreation may want to truly be something to add to the arsenal of extracurricular physical sports. Surprising as it sounds, scuba diving burns quite a few energy, with upwards of 900 energy an hour. That’s a specific plus besides seeing all the underwater lifestyles you encounter.

After a couple of days of relaxation, I determined I wanted to take a lesson to learn how to kitesurf. I was amazed to discover that kite surfing training had been three times steeply priced compared to scuba diving. I didn’t realize why initially; however, I decided to do it anyway. My logic became, “How often will I learn how to kitesurf on an island in Colombia?” Once I asked this question, the solution turned simple, so I planned a time to learn with a popular trainer, Memo (his son is a professional kitesurfer).

According to Memo, he adamantly advised me that kite browsing is a first-class sporting event for burning off weight. Even though I initially turned skeptical, it became a song to my ears since I wanted to burn off weight. I became optimistic because if I loved kite surfing, there would be numerous spots near Los Angeles where I could make this game emerge as a daily part of my livelihood.

I immediately observed the reason for the delivered value when learning how to kitesurf. It is plenty more palms-on, intending to discover ways to manage the kite correctly, using the wind, and the step-via-step development from sand to water to board, the instructor sincerely earns his cash.

At first, Memo told me he typically offers a 10-hour class for $500; still, because I did no longer have enough time left or needed to spend that type of money on something I wasn’t sure I would revel in, I informed him that I wanted to learn as much as possible in only three hours – for three hundred,000 pesos. It sounds like a ton. However, it becomes handiest approximately $150)


After three hours, I became lifeless and tired. My arms and legs have been so spent that all I wanted to do wawas lay on a reclining chair in front of the sea and snooze.

Let me inform you that kite browsing is an exercise, and I hardly was given at the board in any respect for the duration of the three hours, but I had a fantastic time! When I was given back to our lodge, I checked online and observed several pages/companies that kitesurf on the southern California coast. I need to take a pair of extra instructions since there may be a semi-threat aspect associated with this game. I want to research proper methods before trying this independently, but my attention is truly piqued.

I also discovered that a well-used kite surfing setup with he harness, board, and all of the equipment is most effective for around $ 500, so once the learning component is protected, I might be able to cross by myself without practice, and it is FREE.

The point of all this is to get you considering sports or pursuits you may have wanted to learn but have not crossed that initial hurdle to begin. I’m 38 and obese, but I tried exceptional sports I have never tried before.


If one of your New Year resolutions is to shed pounds and get in form, this may be all the motivation you need to get going. Not handiest ought to you in all likelihood find a new exercise opportunity to help you burn excess calories and weight out of your frame. You could still find yourself self-enamored with a whole new exercising outlet and start to experience working out.

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