The Podcaster IOS App Reviewed

Podcasting has been a famous medium for being attentive to radio and net announcements for years. The concept is straightforward: whenever you plug your MP3 player into a computer, load it with the ultra-modern episodes of your preferred podcasts and pay attention to them later while you’re out and about.

However, many telephones now act as MP3 players, and lots of MP3 players at the moment are net-enabled. Shouldn’t it be feasible to load modern podcasts without a connection to a laptop? That’s where Podcaster comes in. Podcaster becomes the primary function-rich podcast download patron to appear for the iOS platform, first as a jailbroken app, then in decreased capability within the App Store as RSS Player, and then in the end as the entire-fledged legitimate Podcaster iOS app. Read on to find out just how properly it works.


I will stray from the standard review here to get into Podcaster’s tumultuous records as I recognize them. Podcaster was initially written in the early days of the App Store. However, it was summarily rejected by Apple. Apple’s excuse for this is that Podcaster violated App Store guidelines via duplicating functions covered by Apple’s working machine. While it’s authentic that the iTunes app then (as it does now) had the ability to download podcasts without delay to the tool, it became a very cumbersome process that involved searching up and downloading podcast episodes one by one; on every occasion, you desired to grab new ones. This changed into a terrible solution. I attempted it for a while.

I subsequently was given fed up, and thus became one of the things that led me to jailbreak my very own tool. However, I digress. After failure within the app saves, Podcaster’s creator released it as a jailbroken app, and there it remained for a long time. Eventually, the writer advanced another app called RSS Player.

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RSS Player became an app designed for music internet RSS feeds, allowing audio content in those feeds to be performed on the device. It is essential to here that a podcast is described (in technical phrases) as a listing of audio documents encoded into an RSS feed; the author had observed a sneaky manner to get a podcast player into the app by redefining what the app changed into intended to do.

However, RSS Player turned into now not quite. It was any such stripped-down model of Podcaster that often it slightly functioned at all. It underwent several replacement cycles, but even as those updates constantly caused some of its troubles, they always introduced extra. I wouldn’t have advocated RSS Player to everybody, however, the most die-difficult podcast enthusiasts. After what was regarded like for all time, the day finally arrived that Podcaster was allowed into the App Store. The creator needed to make a few compromises (one of which I’ll explain later), and the app was rejected a couple of extra times earlier than it changed into, in the end, universal. However, matters were a good deal higher than ever considering that.

Operation and Ease-of-Use


Some of Podcaster’s interface has a chunk of a learning curve, but it may be straightforward once you parent out the fundamentals. The first factor you’ll probably want to do is add your preferred podcasts to the feed. To do this, faucet the listing icon on the bottom of the app. There, you’ve got several alternatives to discover your podcasts. However, the most useful are ‘Search by using Title’ and ‘Import.’ Search by identifying searches a directory of podcasts. This directory is incomplete and now and then carries unreliable statistics.

This is not the fault of the Podcaster’s writer; the podcast listing needed to be installed in a way that doesn’t violate Apple’s App Store regulations, and a listing maintained by the Podcaster’s author is considered one of the Podcaster’s few last intended functions of which Apple does no longer approve. Therefore, Podcaster attracts a listing generated by the app’s users, consequently, the mistaken statistics. If you discover yourself unable to find a podcast there or want to access a password-protected feed, use the ‘Import’ phase. You could load meals from a web deal or import them from an OPML file.



Reliability has been traditionally sketchy with Podcaster. Simultaneously, as it is worlds of development over its predecessor, RSS Player, there are still plenty of insects and hiccups to be had. While the app tries to shop where you had been on your podcast when you near it or get a cell phone call, it does not always prevail. The download mistakes from preceding versions seem to be lengthy.

However, there are nonetheless some continual corruption insects that you can get. I’ve gotten stuck right into a mode where Podcaster would play each audio document in fast, making all and sundry sound like chipmunks. I had to reset the settings to default to repair that. I’ve gotten caught in a mode that would not boost the following episode after one was completed until I did it manually. I could not restore that without reinstalling the app. Updates usually appear to repair a few bugs. However, they introduce greater ones.

And as soon as in a while, something will cross wrong with my podcast list, which again requires me to wipe the entirety and begin from scratch. The lesson: Podcaster is a super device, but in case you use it, your podcast listing often uses the Backup icon (within the ‘More’ phase).

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