The Seven Habits of Highly Effective App Development

In his ebook ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,’ Stephen R Covey gives a technique to reaching private dreams with the aid of aligning oneself to concepts that might be commonplace and undying. Matt Hatch, MD of main cellular apps answer corporation Mubaloo, describes how the equal ‘Seven Habits’ can be applied to the improvement of ‘Highly Effective’ cellular apps.


The achievement of an enterprise app is measured not by using how cool it appears or by its funky user interface; however, whether or not it meets the customer’s business objectives. The following standards maximize the chance of developing pretty effective apps for enterprise customers.

Habit 1: Be Proactive

Companies shaping the cellular apps industry should stay ahead of the curve. In many instances, commercial enterprise customers are at the beginning of their mobile journey, starting to be privy to the cellphone skills as a commercial enterprise platform. Developers have to innovate and invest in a huge variety of recent skills and techniques to allow the consumer to realize those possibilities absolutely. Companies like Mubaloo must offer specialized all mobile platforms, including iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian, and Web.

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App answer corporations have to take the initiative and hold to innovate, complementing raw overall performance and functionality with advanced technology, including 3-d photos and augmented truth (AR). Having the self-belief to offer up-the front assist in conception and layout separates the app answer organization from the simple app’s developer, allowing the client to include and utilize the mobile platform’s electricity.

Habit 2. Begin with the result in mind

The next step is putting the last goals of the app. Goals can encompass emblem cognizance, facts access, an extension of existing services, and revenue technology. It is crucial to establish the desired consumer experience before diving into building the app, which eager developers are vulnerable. Time has to be taken to determine the ideal characteristics and the analytics to allow achievement to be measured. This takes the shape of open brainstorming followed by established business evaluation, narrowing down the alternatives before making final choices. Aids to this, a part of the method consist of screen photographs and rapid prototyping, permitting the patron to peer samples of the completed app before embarking on the construct.

The customer can determine the access factor of engagement, from early conception (Strategy and Scope), thru turning in an in-depth specification (Structure and Skeleton), to the technical and layout information (Surface).

Habit 4: Think win-win.

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The ideal partnership consequences in an awesome app for the purchaser and a testimonial for the developer. In a nascent marketplace, there are few reference factors. A developer with a successful portfolio of successful apps, happy clients, and excessive rankings on the app saves presents that reference and gives self-belief to each party.

Apps that might be well precise can be introduced on-time, within budget, and hit business objectives for each event, in lots of instances leading to a protracted-time period courting. With appreciate to return on funding, there are many methods to a degree an app’s effectiveness. An accurate developer integrates analytic equipment that permits the client to achieve the achievement in phrases of numbers of customers, pleasure, and ROI. It is likewise critical for the developer to manage the expectancies of the purchaser. While the app has the ability to transform sure agencies, in many cases, it is a tool that enhances present structures and sales channels.

Habit 5: Seek first to understand, after which to be understood

The partnership should be more than the sum of the elements. Even if the developer has already prepared a few excellent thoughts, the primary issue is concentrating on the consumer’s requirements and trying to find more knowledge of the commercial enterprise priorities. The consumer must also be open-minded, particularly if the developer has labored with similar customers and is likewise capable of carrying ideas and ideas from other market segments. In popular, the revel in of the patron might be slender and deep, whilst the developer can have a wide variety of case research to draw from.

As inside the preceding two habits, it’s miles vital to understand that the cellular app adventure is a partnership among developer and customer, combining both events’ strengths. It is hardly ever the case that the purchaser blindly passes a brief ‘over the wall’ and then receives an app that meets its targets. The customer is aware of its commercial enterprise and its wishes; however, to obtain the last app, both parties’ strengths must be used in full.

A real app solutions business enterprise combines quite several abilities past the software development crew, which include a UI layout team specializing inspecializingety of cell platforms; enterprise analysts operating with the purchaser to derive the ultimate cellular enjoy; assignment managers ensuring the app is developed on time, to spec and budget; QA specialists mapping out the test plan and deploying tracking tools that the customer can proportion to monitor and use. Professional cell apps groups dovetail with the customer, working collectively to make the app solution an achievement.

The circle is finished with the continuous improvement needed to create sustainable lengthy-time period business relationships and to maintain to expand grate apps. A top chippie spends time sprucing his tools for the following day’s work. Similarly, the main app’s organization has to continually music procedures, put money into new multi-platform capabilities, forge clean views at the consumer enjoy and maintain to innovate in a swiftly converting market.


In the embryonic mobile apps marketplace, the successful organizations might be those that navigate their customers via the hype curve (ref Gartner), dealing with expectancies thru a mutual understanding of the structures talents; heading off disillusionment by making sure objectives are clear, workable, and measurable; and accelerating the customer’s journey to enlightenment, where fantastic new mobile technology opens up a brand new realm of enterprise possibilities

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