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There is no one-size-fits-all cell phone signal booster. Also not all cell phone signal boost works in every situation. The reasons are many that include the size of coverage space where the signal needs boosting, outside signal strength whether weak, medium, or strong, and ability to access roof to install the exterior antenna. If you are tired of calls dropping time and again, you can look up to buying a cell phone signal booster that will amplify the weakest signal and make it strong so that you can enjoy full bars at your home, office or even a marine vessel. A cell phone signal booster enhances your cellular experience. However, its now time to get technical to find out what should you keep in mind before selecting a cell phone signal booster. This is an ultimate guide to help you make the right choice.


Have you ever encountered a situation where you can hear the other party, but they can’t hear you? Or later you couldn’t hear them but they could hear you. Well, this is the uplink and downlink at play. When the uplink signals are strong both the party can clearly hear each other and when it is not your voice cannot be heard or can be choppy for another party. So therefore while purchasing a signal booster always make sure to check its uplink and downlink power.


You might want to install it in your home or office area. While there are people who feel that there’s only one particular room in the house or office that needs a signal amplifier. A cell phone booster comes in all sizes. So choose what suits your needs. Further, you might not have a rooftop, there exists booster for such scenarios as well where you can plug and play cellular signal amplifiers without any sort of requirement for a rooftop.


In order to understand your requirement of a booster, it is important to determine the outside signal strength that is in and around your area. You can resort to using a signal meter or call an installer to test it for you. Installers are experienced people, they can give you an idea about how much signal or which type of signal booster is required for the space that needs to be covered.


There are different kind of antennas for different kind of purposes. If you stay in a city with great exterior signals, your external antenna could choose any signal. To avoid such a situation and to choose only the strongest one, you can use an omnidirectional antenna as it chooses only that one signal which is strongest of all. Similarly, if you live in a rural area, chances are that signals will be too weak to catch by your external antenna, you might as well then go for a directional antenna because they help to pinpoint a specific cell tower. They pick up signals from far-off areas and amplifies signal strength. So choose accordingly.


Cable length is of prime importance, each booster as two coax cables. External Cables that run from the external antenna to the signal amplifier must be kept as short as possible. While Interior cable, which connects the internal antenna to the booster unit does not usually have this problem and is usually much longer. The challenge is to balance these coaxial cables correctly.

Whether you live in a busy city or a remote village area, you don’t have to feel frustrated any longer from a weak cell signal. Cell phone signal boosters are the best way to ensure that you have excellent call quality within your area at all times.

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