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Golden Days of The Video Cassette Recorder (VCR)

Remember the days of the ’80s and early ’90s when our favorite forestall within the local marketplace would be the “Video Library” that succeeded in delighting us whenever we went there? The era dominated and dominated by a system cherished by everybody, vintage or younger – the Video Cassette Recorder or, more normally, the VCR. The 80s became a time when cable TV had a way of reaching India in any shape.


It became a time wherein simply one tech turned to shine – the Video Cassette Recorder. As it passed, human beings had no preference whatsoever in watching programs on Television because the best channel to be had became the Doordarshan (more popularly DD) and later the DD Metro, which in reality seemed a big bonus! It appeared just a super putting something like a Video Cassette Recorder to make its presence felt and counted. The Video Cassette Recorder unfolded to the Indian people an entirely new world of leisure that changed into the unknown before this. From looking simply at the information or documentaries sprinkled carefully with a pinch of weekly serials, the commoner now had the luxury of taking part in films in the consolation of his bedroom – from the antique classics to the ultra-modern flicks of Bollywood.

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Video Cassette Recorders used removable videocassettes (videotapes) that used magnetic tapes to record movies. This intention was no longer only to watch prerecorded cassettes for films. Still, they may also document suggestions and broadcast from the Television that would be played later! This changed into natural magic!!! Of course, there was an inexpensive variation of the VCR, which we knew as the VCP – Video Cassette Player – that could handiest playback the cassette but no longer report.


The advent of VCRs in India gave the business an ideal opportunity within the shape of “Video Libraries” to flourish! Every local marketplace had a minimal 2 to a few libraries to boast of, all of whom could continue to exist despite the competition because the demand overdid the delivery through a big margin. I nonetheless remember our very personal “Micky Video Library” and the “Lords” library, which were such warm spots in the one’s instances; the first one, paradoxically being positioned in a small, slender lane,


was just a tiny little room with a group of some hundred films. The latter becomes miles greater, dignified with a far bigger collection of Hindi and English movies and an air-conditioned store to flaunt! But to be sincere, it hardly mattered, as getting that modern-day release on the first chance became crucial – damn if it changed into pirated or if you had to shell out a few greater bucks!

The early VCRs have been pinnacle-loading models in which you inserted the cassette in a slot that popped out from the top of the VCR on the urgent “Eject” button. It was later followed by the more smooth and progressed variations of front-loading VCRs. They had a more attractive and present-day feel, not to forget the continuously stepped-forward features being added. One such characteristic I recollect turned into the availability of a “Timer” in which you can set the time the VCR could start recording!

It turned into not simply Video Libraries that flourished. Video Cassette Recorders supplied a tremendous possibility for small-time technicians and engineers with many “Video Repair” shops that sprung up. The VCR functioned with a revolving “Head” with a small pin examining the cassette’s magnetic tape. As turned into anticipated, with the dust and bodily contact, forever, you would be faced with a scenario in which your “Head” went grimy. Also, you wanted a “head cleaner” sprayed on it to get it cleaned, or in extreme cases, you had to take it to at least one of these restoration shops.

The VCRs additionally ushered in an age of many different and new sorts of leisure revolving across the Television. Besides simply movies, they also spread out doorways to the Pakistani Plays, which might be remembered even to date. It added to our houses some adorable characters from plays such as Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyan that have become part of our lives and remain with us.

And then there have been the ones “Film Magazines.” I am no longer talking about the Filmfare or Star Dusts. The VCRs introduced video magazines, which include “Lehren,” which became a household call. They were round one-hour shows that gave you the news from the Hindi Film Industry – something that modern-day channels are full of and has now been taken as a right component!

At one time, such video magazines had been your only resource to honestly get live snippets into the lives of film stars or look at the movie’s shooting! Such an exciting aspect it used to be! An element most harking back to the one’s times changed into the exceptional video you obtain to observe – what becomes within the commonplace language referred to as the “print” of the cassette. So frequently did you need to return a video as “the print” became so horrific! So unlike the CDs and DVDs of today, there are no issues with the high quality you get to look at. But one way or the other, remembering it nowadays, one someplace in his coronary heart wishes for the ones little nick-nags that modern-day over-best international has eliminated:(


And how can one forget that “Counter” you had in the one day at the VCRs? It becomes a small three-digit counter with revolving dials confirming the number 0-nine on each dial to symbolize the duration of the video. 🙂 Starting from 000, it went on to 999 and became one of these easy and first-rate shows of how a primary little idea may be placed to such pertinent use! It later changed to using a digital counter with greater advantages and stepped forward VCRs that presented a digital show.

Again, it’s one of those matters that surprise you – will we need all this development? Why have we forgotten to keep things easy? 🙁 How can one ever forget about that sound of a video cassette “Rewinding” and that wonderful “thud” with which it stopped while you pressed that “Stop” button? My heart goes out to those times:oops: It is this high reliving those moments from the beyond.

I do not forget how the summer season damage meant such a lot of movies at the VCR, daily visits to the video library – which had even begun domestic transport and cellphone services – some even going as some distance as offering a broadcast listing of films that they had of their store! I don’t even forget that as youngsters, we used to get a further VCR on rent for a few days as you may interconnect them with your VCR with a cable and, in reality, make copies of the cassettes.

To consider it now, how did I ever take many problems to report a cassette? But then, that was the magic of those times. One just is forced to assume – why does the era have the sort of crab mentality wherein it wishes to tug a person down so one can climb up? 🙁 Why does each new generation need to kill its predecessor? Why cannot the old and the brand-new coexist? Why can’t we’ve got the vintage with the brand new? I am most effectively thankful and feel privileged to have experienced and used those winners of the past.

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