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What Are The Benefits Of Fiber Lasers

The speed, accuracy and quality of laser cutting has made it the top most choice of manufacturing industries. With the introduction of fiber lasers, laser cutting has become preferable, authentic and low cost option which has resulted in the increased demand of fiber laser cutters specially by metal processors.

Fiber lasers are mostly used in carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal materials. Also, these lasers have a smaller focus spot along with a very fine cutting line which leads to efficient working and hence good quality results.

Even these fiber lasers have high stability which leads to its stable performance. In addition to that being environment friendly and energy efficient makes it more preferable. It’s maintenance cost is also minimal and it has very efficient performance.

Advantages and Benefits of Fiber Lasers | SPI Lasers

Below are some benefits of fiber laser :

Fiber lasers are very reliable :

  • Fiber lasers have made process of cutting much easier and simpler. These lasers do not have any mechanical cavity resonators or mirrors and no such requirement of adjusting or replacing parts which are within the laser.
  • Flexible optical fiber is put into the laser cutting head which diminishes the requirement for optics and adjustments needed in beam delivery path.
  • Fiber lasers qualifies to be perfect for metal processing companies as they have the perfect speed and accuracy of cutting.

Reasonable :

  • Fiber laser is considered to be most economical and reasonable in comparison to other lasers. When compared to commercial lasers fiber lasers have highest plug wall efficiency as well.
  • They consume less electricity and the cooling down process in order to remove unnecessary heat is also reduced thereby minimizing the size of electrical service which is essential for installation of the cutting tool.
  • In addition to that fiber lasers are said to have longer lifespan in comparison to other lasers. While other lasers are said to have a life span of barely 1-2 years but fiber lasers continue to work even after that.

Recommended for metal cutting :

  • Fiber lasers have wavelengths of 1 micron due to which they are very efficient and leading to faster cutting of metals. The two main features of this laser are power density and beam quality which when combined together results in precise cutting that too at lower operating cost.
  • With such density levels metals such as copper and brass experience a change of phase into molten state. Due to this reflectivity barriers are broken resulting in easy cutting
  • Fiber lasers have expertise in precisely cutting small parts. Other lasers may not be able to give such fine results but with fiber lasers you can get assured and

precise and accurate outcomes.

Doesn’t require much of maintenance :

  • Fiber lasers doesn’t require much of maintenance and also they have longer lifespan in comparison to other such lasers. They offer great reliability and accuracy that too with least maintenance required.
  • Usually other lasers have a lifespan of minimum 1-2 years but fiber laser continue to work even after that.
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