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Why Is It Important to Buy Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens?

Retirement is when most people plan to live their life to the fullest. This starts with making up for the countless sacrifices made during their lifetime and travels are one of it. But as age increases, health ailments are sure to crop up–for some severe while others not that much. But that shouldn’t be a hinderance to your plans. You can plan your travels without any worries knowing you are covered by your travel insurance policy.

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Why is essential to purchase a travel insurance for senior citizens?

With a travel policy for senior citizens, you can be rest-assured with elderly members having safe and hassle-free travels. Travel insurance for senior citizens ensure any medical treatment, if required, forms part of the policy coverage. Any case of medical exigency can be dealt even when you are not in your home country. With old age, accidents can prove to be fatal and thus some policies death cover and compensation to the dependents of insured senior citizens. Other than above-mentioned benefits for senior citizens, travel insurance plans are region specific, i.e. based on the country to which you are travelling. This ensures the risk prevalent to that specific destination is covered by the policy’s scope.

What is covered by travel insurance plans for senior citizens?

Emergency hospital coverage:

For any unexpected medical emergency, your travel insurance policy includes coverage for medical treatment that may even require hospitalisation. Some travel policies have started to include treatment for COVID-19 after the recent outbreak.

Pre-existing conditions:

Travel policies for senior citizens specifically ensure any pre-existing ailments declared during purchase of the policy are provided treatment in case of travels.

Personal accident coverage:

Accidents are uncertain and even a small mishap can ruin your entire travel plan. With personal accident cover as part of senior citizen travel policy, you no longer need to worry for medical attention required to tackle these accidents.

Dental treatment:

Although not a common occurrence, but some dental procedures require immediate attention thereby increasing the risk of injury. With an insurance for travel, these dental procedures are also a part of your travel coverage.

Trip alternations:

For senior citizens, a trip cancellation, delay or even interruption can be a mentally taxing. Travel policies provides a compensation for these kinds of inconveniences.

Loss of documents and baggage:

Your passport is the only document that provides an identity to international tourists. Any loss of such a crucial document can make it extremely difficult to return back home. With a travel policy, you need not worry, for such inopportuneness, a compensation is provided. Other than that, baggage delay is a quite a common occurrence and compensation is available under your travel policy which is over and above the airline paid compensation.

While the above mentioned details highlight what is covered by travel insurance, there are certain limitations on its scope. These exclusions vary among insurance companies but general check-ups, regular medication are some of which are excluded. A thorough reading of your policy document will help to shed some light on this regard. Keep in mind the above importance of getting travel coverage for senior citizens. Considering most senior citizens aren’t well-versed with technology, helping them choose the right policy can be beneficial. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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