Why is it really necessary to introduce current affairs in the school curriculum in India?

In today’s era of a modernized world governed by the internet, hardly anything stays “current” within 24 hours. However, current affairs have an indispensable role to play in making children socially acceptable and responsible. To become lifelong learners, school kids should be aware of the correct usage of nonfiction materials. By emphasizing nonfiction materials, they would gain the ability to solve problems, expand their knowledge base, and implement decisions. Those not social studies teachers might think it does not pertain to you. On the other hand, others may ask why to bother teaching current affairs at the school level when there are so many important subjects. However, many researchers show that current issues have many advantages, even in a class outside of social studies.

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Students should be aware of issues plaguing the world.

In this globalized world, every country is dependent on the other. This is why a student has to be mindful of the current issues affecting the whole world. Moreover, it is fascinating that many competitive exams in India, like the SBI Clerk exams, have a section dedicated entirely to the Current Affairs program.

Hence, if students can be made aware of the importance of Current Affairs at the school level, they will always succeed in their future endeavors. In this context, it is interesting that today’s students must also comprehend the world’s economy and social structures. They also need to be updated about society’s economy and environment to live their own lives after passing from school.

Current affairs are the ideal way to defeat intolerance.

By keeping updated about the latest news and events, one would always have the upper hand in defeating bigotry. Current affairs play a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of democracy. An appreciation for current issues is an essential step toward self-empowerment and improvement. This also has a direct impact on the quality of life of the students. So, if a student is taught current affairs from middle school, they would have a higher chance of leading a quality life by being aware of the issues that can affect them.

On the other hand, with many public sector banks now operating in the Indian banking domain, it has become imperative for schools to prepare students to have a crack at the SBI Clerk examinations. It is also vital to note that most government job-related exams nowadays have an entire section devoted to current affairs. If a candidate is well aware of the importance of contemporary issues he has derived from the school, he can easily score good marks in the job-related examinations.

Current affairs help students to become lifelong readers.

Current affairs are pivotal in informing an individual about current trending issues. On the other hand, there is no point denying that newspaper reading is steadily declining among students. It is so because they hardly get time to read something apart from their books. However, if a school encourages the inclusion of current affairs in its curriculum, there would be little doubt that the students would develop healthy reading habits.

The students can learn by following the clear and concise news writing style. The students would understand the importance of events, people, and various news issues. Newspaper reading is also an excellent way to develop vocabulary. In case a student is weak in written communication, they can be made to read a newspaper daily. This would make sure that their language improves over time. In short, by including current affairs in the school curriculum, it can be ensured that the students would have access to a writing model.

Current affairs help teachers to emphasize a variety of topics.

By including current affairs in a school curriculum, the teachers would have the advantage of emphasizing various matters. For instance, with the help of current affairs, they can teach the students media literacy skills. Moreover, it would be easier for them to cite an example using current affairs.

Current affairs are essential for employment examinations.

Including the current affairs section in most government job-related examinations like the SBI Clerk examinations has almost become a trend. Moreover, it has also been found that most students fail to have a go at this section. It is so because they usually take this part not so seriously. However, if the schools start teaching the students various topics related to current affairs, this issue can be easily thwarted.

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The inclusion of Current Affairs would help eliminate inequality.

Currently, India is plagued by various social menaces, the major among them is inequality. The difference in gender and caste is what is plaguing India the most at the present moment.

However, if the schools start including current affairs in their syllabus, many of these issues can be defied. It is so because the current affairs topics would always discuss these issues at length, giving rise to an argumentative side among the students. Besides that, they would also be at a higher advantage as they would have the chance to qualify for the SBI Clerk entrance examinations.

Current affairs cover a wide range of subjects.

Current affairs usually include a large sphere that comprises various issues. It is also an excellent way to arouse interest and passion for a particular subject. In all possibilities, the current affairs program would also be beneficial when taught in the school curriculum.

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