Working Towards Sustainability With Passive Income

I’ve determined that a goal of mine for 2009 must be to install a few reliable sources of passive earnings. To be clear, what I imply via passive profits is putting in revenue assets that essentially self-operate once launched. The idea is printed within the Four Hour Work Week, an ebook via Timothy Ferriss that, admittedly, I have only skimmed. However, I grabbed some proper ideas from it anyway. This idea of passive earnings has been added up in many other online locations even though.

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My non-public idea of passive profits is simple and extraordinarily short of constructing equipment and solutions to a minimum set of troubles. A To-Do list website is a superb example. To-Do lists are easy to apply, remedy a pretty particular problem, and don’t require lots of paintings as soon as release—the best situation for passive profits.

What will be used for passive income? Well, for my skill set, which is a net layout/web development/blogging (yep, this running a blog is an ability of mine now), there are a few one-of-a-kind alternatives:

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Web Design

I need to get into WordPress themes. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform with a pretty healthful topic market. I would probably publish pieces to 3 distinct topic markets and put them up here to be capable of holding all the proceeds if I controlled to sell them right here. I would not charge a lot because I would not pay a good deal if I wanted a theme.

What I assume is a superb option regarding WordPress subject matters is making subject matters for conditions other than running a blog. Yes, WordPress is a blogging platform at coronary heart. But it also can serve as an e-commerce website, a CMS, or maybe a new supply. So I think that if you were to cater to the one different area of interest type WordPress uses along with your premium subject matters, you would be capable of hitting a much, much less saturated marketplace with your product. I have one layout in my documents for a website that ended up by no means being used and is only some tweaks away from being a WordPress subject, so I’m quite tempted to try to hack it right into a subject matter as soon as I have a few free time.

Chris from CSS-Tricks has prepared 3, in reality, precise WordPress Theme Screencasts for absolutely everyone inquisitive about customizing WordPress themselves.

Web Development

My tool of choice currently is Ruby on Rails. I’ve finally gotten to some extent wherein I’m relaxed sufficient to hack together some quite superior tasks (As a remember of truth, I’ll be running on getting a complete web page carried out sooner or later the next day). The best way to pick up a few greater regular cash might be to construct a few straightforward web offerings that simplify human lives. These do not want to be large solutions to several problems; I suppose doing so will be the opposite of passive profits once the website is released. You would need to the conscious of maintaining the whole lot maintained.


The purpose of passive profits is to work tough in the beginning to build a product, then release it to the world with the minimum quantity of preservation necessities feasible in the future.

I even have three thoughts in my head for tasks that serve a solid cause, are wished with the aid of a pretty precise amount of people, and would now not require a great deal of work once constructed. I certainly have one of the ideas halfway carried out. I need to try and get all three going. I would begin with the 1/2 way done one and notice if it could carry a couple of dollars.

One of the thoughts revolves around associate marketing. I’m admittedly ignorant; this area seems like a proper supply for passive income. A few gears allow someone to pick out a fix of merchandise to sell for a fee; as an example, however, as a substitute for getting to pick merchandise manually, you can type in “fishing,” and the shop would self-populate itself. Those are a few exquisite capabilities, and I think I have quite an exact concept of a site concept to try out. It will take a few works to get completely functional; however, as soon as there is, there would be minimal upkeep, maybe only a few hours per week. Perfect.


I realize I know I’m new to these items. But I virtually find it irresistible. I’ve made it a purpose to write down each day (or, as a minimum, each different day to be practical) with, as a minimum, a few put up about something I determined interesting. I also want to submit at least one major essay per week, like this one—something of actual fee and substance. I’ve begun using mind maps to prepare some subjects for brand new articles, and it’s super. I’ll genuinely be writing an editorial about how I plan to write down articles soon.

If I feel it’s vital, I plan to retain my essays on technology, the internet, and maybe some philosophy or religion. Keeping this drift of content moving forward will fill this weblog with a few good pieces of information in a few months. And even as I do not anticipate emerging as so crazy a successful blogger with 100,000 readers an afternoon, I do hope to, as a minimum, pick out up an awesome quantity of site visitors ultimately. If so, I’ll begin searching for a few advertising and marketing alternatives for this blog to select up a few extra dollars wherein I can. Nothing intrusive that allows you to affect how the studying enjoys, but most possibly a few Google AdSense and a few other advertising networks,

some affiliate links, and perhaps even a few blog sponsorships if anyone might be inclined to shop for some area. All of this is down the line; however, being able to monetize something I experience might be pretty cool, so I desire that in the future, which could end up being a choice.

Why Passive Income?


I am very plenty a project-orientated philosopher. I always provide you with new ideas, so I’m constantly bouncing around from one to the next, even ensuring that I’m additionally paying the payments. Having a steady move of passive earnings would allow me to recognize much less on making my lease and more on initiatives that can truly grow to be something huge. And it is, in the end, what I need to do. I see myself as an idea man who can suppose up against a product, construct the preliminary prototype, skip it directly to someone else to expand, and then flow directly to the next mission.

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