4 Major Mistakes When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Home remodeling and renovation are costly, especially in the basement. Along with converting the area into a utility space, all measures must be undertaken to keep it free of moisture, water leaks, and other similar problems. It must be noted that waiting too long to fix any water or moisture problems in your basement can instantly affect the walls’ condition and lead to mold formation.

In short, it lowers the resale value of your property. That is why hiring professional basement waterproofing services is recommended to restrain these blunders from developing in the first place. However, not every contractor is competent and reliable enough to carry out the job in the best way. That is why some sensibility and awareness are desired on the part of homeowners to avoid committing major mistakes, as listed below –


Mistake 1: Considering the factor of price alone

There is never anything wrong with looking for cost-effective options. But choosing a contractor based on price only is an immature step. You usually get bad quality services and a lack of professionalism when deciding on a low-priced contractor.

So, never fall for low bids. Contact multiple contractors and take details of the services that each one offers. Draw a quick comparison among them to see which contractor is more competent.

Mistake 2: Failing to check with their past clients

Every contractor claims to be the best in the market. But to draw a real picture, speaking to their past clients is recommended. Knowing the customers’ awareness, many contractors have started offering references to their new clients without asking. You can contact these people and check their satisfaction with the prospective contractor.

Always ensure that you never overlook this aspect and take the first-hand experience of the basement waterproofing contractor from the former customer’s straightway.

Mistake 3: Discussing things verbally

A verbal contract is not a contract in a real sense. You cannot have a formal record of who said what and when leading to many ambiguities in the future. A written agreement is important because you get every aspect of the project in writing – from the initial proposal to the final terms and conditions.

Also, making sure the contract is duly signed and agreed upon by you and the contractor before the actual work begins is mandatory; otherwise, you cannot hold the contractor liable for any failures in his commitment.

Mistake 4: Not verifying the license and credentials

Most homeowners often end up hiring non-professional amateurs for their basement renovations and waterproofing because of the lack of verification of such contractors in the initial stage. They take decisions impulsively without checking whether the contractor is licensed to operate in the community. Licenses and certifications are important as they indicate the quality of the services the contractor offers and the level of skills the rest of the team has.

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