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5 Tips for Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor

Mold is a problem that no homeowner wants to deal with. It reduces the value of your property and if not managed properly, it can also lead to many health issues. Now that’s a deadly combination. The solution is not straightforward either. You will have to hire someone to perform a mold inspection. Once the inspection is complete and results are out, you will have to hire a mold remediation contractor which will blow the final punch.

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The loops you will have to jump are many but the end result is worth it. In short, if you want to get rid of mold in your home, then hire a mold remediation contractor as soon as possible.

Hiring the right mold remediation service is not easy. A lot of time and effort will have to be spent on research. Here are some essential tips that would help when searching for one –

Get Some References

Start the journey by finding some references. Contact the ones close to you like your friends and relatives. You should also get in touch with your neighbors and community members as the mold is a common problem and one of them must have experience with it. These people can provide you with a lot of details about a contractor.

Once you get some details out of the people, it is time to hit the internet and check your local listings. Read some reviews and check out any business rating sites to check for any complaints.

The Contractor Should Possess Valid Certifications

The Indoor Air Quality Association certifies the company and employees with training and certification for mold remediation. Working with a certified individual means that you will enjoy some peace of mind. They can guarantee you a certain level of quality and also promise better service than other non-certified contractors.

Look for Experience

Experience is a factor that can make or break the person’s job. If the contractor you are choosing does not have enough experience with dealing with projects like yours then he cannot provide you with great services. Having the latest theoretical knowledge and technological tools is not a direct substitute for experience. Remember, an experienced company will have a better record of past reviews, client database, and support centers.

Ask for Guarantees/warranties

There is a reason it is called mold remediation and not mold removal. A small amount of mold lingers on even after a deep clean up. In such cases having a warranty and guarantee of work from the contractor can save you some money on the cleaning. A contractor’s workmanship guarantee assures that if anything goes wrong in the future, he will be there for support. Never sign a contract without getting written details of warranty or guarantee.

Extent of Service

Do note that all mold remediation companies are not the same. Their scope of services can be widely different. There are companies that only deal with certain parts of the house and then there are some who won’t be responsible for waste removal.

That is why choosing a full-service mold removal service is a better choice as they will handle the inspection, assessment, removal, and disposal on their own. You can sit back and relax.


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