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Key tips to hire the best piano movers

Are you thinking of moving your piano to your new place? Perhaps you are confused about going for a piano moving company or trying it yourself. Always remember that the piano is a delicate instrument, and it would probably be better if you hire professionals to move it for you instead of moving it yourself.

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So, now the question arises of finding a reliable piano moving company that safely transports your piano to a new location. Here are some necessary tips that you must consider while hiring the best piano moving company:

  • A good online Research

Whether you plan to move to a new place or just your piano, you will always need a trustworthy moving company that can be relied upon to move it to the intended destination safely. Thus, it is mandatory to research all the nearby companies that provide good service in moving pianos from one place to another. While doing so, list 5-7 companies and visit their registered office to check for their services. Also, ask for other information like a budget estimate, the overall time required to finish the job, and the entire service list. It will not only be helpful to understand their customer service provision better and give an overview of the total cost.

It is crucial to ensure that you always validate the mover’s license before coming into business with them. It will clarify that the company you hired is registered and reliable. Make sure that the piano moving company also provides the facility of insurance while driving your piano to the new destination. This is highly recommended that you read the contract terms carefully and look for insurance provisions in case of any damage caused to your piano; this will reassure you that your piano is in safe hands and you would not be liable for any loss as the company would take full charge if anything happens to the piano on the way.

  • Count the number of years of experience.

Always make it a habit to choose a company that has been in the market for quite a while and has handled the piano smoothly without causing any damage. Also, check a company’s BBB ratings that give a better insight into the service, and you know the number of complaints filed against the company. BBB ratings are set from A+ (highest) to F (lowest), and a company that holds a good rating, i.e., A or A+ at BBB, is said to impart quality service and guarantee trust to its customers.

  • Beware of Red signs.

Some companies are involved in huge advertising to grab people’s attention towards their fake company and fool them. Thus, you should always follow your heart and choose the company that charges genuinely and has a renowned name in the market, not companies that charge high and deliver shoddy service.

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