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8 Tips for Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor

To maintain the health of your building’s air conditioning and heating system is no trivial matter, and it shouldn’t be left to chance. Systems that are properly maintained to ensure comfort for building inhabitants, reduce downtime, and lower costs.

8 Tips for Hiring a Commercial HVAC Contractor 1

Do your homework

Find out the bonding, license, and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. It is important to know the specifics of your system and the maintenance history before you call a contractor. This will ensure that the contractor understands your cooling and heating needs better.

Ask for referrals

If you have building or facility management colleagues, ask them for recommendations. You do not want to land up with a company with inadequate expertise, and hence, it will be beneficial to reap from their experiences.

Ask for references

If there are contractors you have shortlisted, you can ask them for customer references you can contact. If the company is reputed for maintaining heating and air conditioning, it will have a list of its past customers. Customers who have previously hired services will best be able to tell you how the company fared.

Get a written estimate.

The contractor should thoroughly analyze your system to understand your needs best. Then, it would help if you were given an estimate in writing. Mostly, contractors do not charge for providing an estimate.

Find out about system expertise and experience.

The contractors you hire must have experience ranging from working with everything, from steam-driven boilers to newer energy-efficient systems. Our technicians have been trained to handle the latest technologies and traditional methods to ensure a satisfied client.

Understand maintenance service contracts.

Ensure that you understand the service contract’s inclusions if you plan to hire a company to perform routine maintenance. The maintenance services should typically include predictive and preventative maintenance, on-site restoration, and rebuild of your equipment, besides repair and replacement.

At Adrian HVAC, we aim to reduce your maintenance costs while improving the reliability and comfort of your systems. We even have a team of engineers who can help minimize disruption, expense, and downtime while still handling a design solution customized for you.

Ask about guarantees

The company’s maintenance service must guarantee quality service, reduced maintenance costs, and an improved environment. We ensure that the system meets all the local government’s requirements that address pressurized and purged enclosures for electrical appliances and equipment.

Get a second option.

Most companies make money by replacing the systems rather than repairing them. Hence, second opinions are necessary before returning the system. However, we at Adrian HVAC are trying to refurbish your plan to solve the problem without added expenses. With these tips in mind, you willwill hire a commercial HVAC contractor to ensure your system is maintained and in good condition without the additional hassles and expenses.

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