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Tricks to Improve Your Food Delivery Service

With the advancement in technology, apps for ordering food online has come into play. Online food ordering has become a convenient choice for customers to order food from their desired restaurant. With the increase in the number of orders and sales, restaurants are making huge profits, and they are highly engaged in improving their customer services to remain in the spotlight on the food delivery apps.

To improve the services and satisfy their customers, restaurants need to focus on various things such as quality of food, food items, preparations, food packaging material, and quick and safe delivery. If anything goes wrong, people can leave negative reviews on the app, which will be bad for your business.

Impact of food delivery apps on small scale restaurants in India ...

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind that can enhance your online food ordering business-

1) Register Your Restaurant- If you do not have your own restaurant’s app, it will be better to get registered to other delivery portals. These portals charge a registration fee and ten to fifteen percent on every order placed. The benefit of partnering with these platforms is that you automatically become accessible to potential customers. They can discover your restaurant and place orders.

2) Have a Mobile Optimized Website or App- Having a mobile-optimized app or website is one of the easiest ways of branding your business. People who habitually order food online will search for your restaurant on Google or install your restaurant’s app. Make sure you have one for getting maximum orders.

Ensure your website and app are updated with all the essential information that includes menu, contact details, reviews, and a user-friendly interface that provides a secure method for placing the order. It would be nice to upload a few mouth-watering images of food to trigger your customer’s hunger pangs.

3) Ensure Timely Delivery- Customers wait for their order once they place it. Late food delivery is a major turn off for the customers, and they will not shy away from writing negative reviews about your restaurant. More time taken to deliver food will affect the quality of food that will deter most of your customers from ordering from your place. Therefore, you must train and guide your delivery boys to maintain safety and deliver the food on time through accessible routes of the city.

4) Correct Packaging of the Food- There is no fun in preparing a delicious dish if the quality degrades before reaching a customer’s door. Therefore, once the food is ready, it needs to be packed using proper food packaging containers and utensils or condiments before bagging the food. The delivery boy has several deliveries at once, so ensure that his baggage has a hot case to keep the food warm until it reaches the customer. Similarly, for ice creams and drinks, their baggage must be equipped with dry ice and proper containers.

5) Advertise Your Business- Advertise your online food delivery business through promotional SMS and Emails, providing fair deals to your customers. Social media marketing is a strong tool to attract customers and an effective way to become visible to others.

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