Those of you with a wine cellar would always want a well-designed and installed door. In modern times, there are a lot of beautiful designs that are a mix of various aspects. Each door component can be thought through to create an artistic and stunning look.

Only then will the plan of keeping a wine cellar be functional. Wine bottles are expensive, and you have to be very careful with their storage. Wine cellar doors help to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity at the desired level. This keeps your wine bottles not only safe but as good as new. However, many people often skip the importance of a wine cellar door. If you have a wine cellar, you must keep the door in your view.


So, let us find ways to choose the ideal custom wine cellar door.


If you are looking for a classic setup, wooden doors are your go-to door. There are various kinds of species, such as mahogany, redwood, or pine; each makes a lovely wine cellar door. Most people go for wood, but other materials can be used too. Make sure the door is stained in the same color used to stain the racks and furniture in your wine cellar.

Many find the glass look aristocratic as it blends with all types of décor. It can not only give your space a traditional look but a contemporary look as well. However, since it is glass that we are talking about, we have to be careful as it can break easily. Using an insulated or thermal glass door for your wine cellar is wise.

You may choose double or tri-paned glass, as they take care of everything from insulation to controlling temperature and humidity. Some people opt for the galvanized iron metal door as well. Choose a material that defines your style, an entry you proudly show off.


The design is nothing but your taste. You might like simple, sober, or plain wine cellar doors carved with exotic and unique designs. If you plan to get a glass door, you can think of a strategy that can be frosted into the glass. Your entry should enhance the look of your wine cellar and be equipped enough to provide the basement with total protection. You may opt for a drink or wooden door with intricate grillwork. This will make sure to keep the aesthetics of the basement and provide you with a more secure entrance at the same time.


If you don’t want to compromise your wine’s quality, opt for a door with a good framework. The market also has frameless doors, but as elegant as it may look, it is not a good idea to choose such doors as they allow air and humidity to pass through them easily. Hence, install a door with proper framing so you can insulate it.


When it comes to doors, it is imperative to consider the size, as it should always be proportionate to the dimensions of the area where you plan to install the cellar. If your wine cellar has modest space, opting for a wider door will make your basement look more spacious, while if you are more of a solid-look person, you may opt for a smaller door made of wood embellishments like iron studs or antique door handles.

Lastly, it all comes narrowing down to what you want. There are doors for every kind of wine cellar, but it’s up to you to look for the one that suits your preference. Look for a wine cellar designer who will provide customized solutions based on your ideas.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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