Best Career Opportunities For Biotechnology Graduates

Apart from medical and engineering, Biotechnology is also rapidly becoming popular among students after completing their class 12 with lots of advances in technology. Thus, the demand for both graduate and postgraduate courses in biotechnology is at an all-time high.

Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field which is the combination of biological sciences with the modern technologies in order to produce the products that advance agriculture, environment control, food, healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Biotechnology graduates can find jobs both in private and government sectors with different sub-disciplines as this application is widely used in the following industries: Health care, Medicines, Agriculture Environmental conservation, etc.

Here is the list of few career opportunities available in the field of biotechnology.

1. Food Scientist and Technologist

Food Science involves the complete knowledge about biochemistry, microbiology, and nutrition. Those candidates who are more passionate about food and its technology can choose this career. Food scientists are mainly responsible for preparing safe and nutritious food along with the essential food components and nutrients like proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. There is more demand for this career as food is essential for all forms of life, globally for survival.

2. Microbiologist

Microbiologists are the scientists who are involved in studying or researching about the different infectious microbes and other communicable agents by conducting several experiments and analysing the results. Microbiologists can work in many different job areas, both in research and non-research fields.

3. Biochemist

Biochemistry is mainly about the study of different chemical processes taking place in living organisms. A biochemist’s job profile includes performing experiments and research related toenzymes, biomolecules, the process of metabolism, etc.

4. Agricultural scientist

Agricultural scientists are involved with all the aspects of plant life. They are engaged in both laboratory-based and field-based research for improving crop production by testing and quality control of crops, seeds, soil pH level and the use of bio pesticides.

5. Environmental Biotechnologist

The environmental scientists deal with the environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, waste management, and the safety measures to control these issues. The candidates who are more passionate about environment and ecosystem can choose this field as their career. These professionals are mainly involved in creating plant-based bioplastics producing biofuels and other bioremediation techniques to clean up the environment from hazardous wastes.

These were some important career opportunities available in the field of biotechnology.

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