Wildlife Removal and Environment Control – The Skunk

Habitat- skunks are most commonly found in open grasslands located near forests or woods where there is a large population of trees where they can hide if they are under attack. In spite of this preference of habitat, it has been observed that skunks still come into regular contact with human beings and the world we live in. There are four types of skunks that are found in North America of which the most common is the black and white striped variety. These very often turn up on our properties and once there, create a home and start breeding. The most common places that they make their homes in are garages, sheds, or even burrowed holes under the patio or house.

Dangers- a fully grown skunk weighs around eight pounds and possesses extremely sharp claws that it uses to dig and burrow. They also prefer to remain hidden and not seek confrontation. Unfortunately, regular contact is something that just happens because humans and skunks are in such close proximity to each other. Even more than humans, skunks come in contact with domestic pets. Skunks are very rarely rabid but they are capable of carrying as well as transmitting the rabies virus. In the case of a confrontation, they can be extremely aggressive and dangerous. While their rotten stench is a problem, it is comparatively small when compared to the physical harm they can inflict on you. Especially in houses where there are domestic pets, it is important to vaccinate them so they don’t contract the virus themselves.

Avoidance- in order to avoid the threat of physical harm or even infestation of your property, the first thing you should do is make sure that your house is extremely unappealing to skunks. Maintain short grass with no large amounts of logs or trees. Make sure there is no accumulation of garden rubbish or waste where they can make themselves a home. Also, the fences and walls on the boundaries of your property should be securely fixed along with a foundation of fencing or cementing in order to prevent them from digging or burrowing under. You should also make sure that there are no mice, moles, or garden produce lying around as this is what constitutes the diet of skunks. They also like to scavenge for scraps from the garbage bins.

Removal- in case you are faced with an infestation, make sure you employ the services of a trained professional to help you get rid of the skunks. Because it can be aggressive and dangerous when confronted, it is important to not try to tackle the problem on one’s own with no training, knowledge or skills. Only properly trained professionals know how to efficiently deal with such problems and carefully. Engaging with skunks in a foolhardy manner could give rise to several problems that can otherwise be easily avoided by seeking the help of professionals.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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