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6 Common Places of Your Home You Should Vacuum Frequently

Everyone wishes to keep their home spic and span. When you expect a lot of guests during festivals, you will leave no stone unturned to keep your house clean. But have you ever wondered why cleaning the entire area during specific days takes much more time than other days? This is because, during your regular cleaning schedule, you tend only to those immediately visible areas, like the carpet and floor areas. However, you forget to clean certain common places regularly.

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Once you buy a vacuum cleaner for your home, do not ignore cleaning certain areas since it may lead to indoor air pollution due to the collection of dust and dirt in those unattended areas. To give your family a healthy atmosphere that is free from dust and dirt, these are the areas of your home which you should clean and vacuum regularly:

Cabinet Drawers

You might never think about cleaning the cabinet drawers during your regular cleaning schedule as you assume they are not prone to dust and dirt. Studies have found that as the area is normally dark and doesn’t get enough light, the chances are that germs and bacteria might accumulate along with dust. So, clean and vacuum the cabinet drawers regularly.

Curtains and Blinds

All the dust and specks of dirt can easily accumulate on the curtains and blinds in your bedroom and living area. When the windows are open for ventilation, the curtain’s dust quickly circulates to the entire region. This leads to indoor air pollution and breathing problems. Hence, keep the curtains and blinds clean using a vacuum cleaner daily.


You may often think that washing the bedsheets keeps the beds clean and free of dust. Did you know it is equally important to vacuum the mattress to eliminate all the invisible dust and mites? To clean it efficiently, buy a vacuum cleaner and use the upholstery attachment to ensure deep cleaning. Do this at least once a week to keep everything under control.

Beneath/Behind the Bed

You may be unable to reach out to certain areas of your bed while cleaning manually. But, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you need not leave those areas untouched. Buy a vacuum cleaner and ensure efficient cleaning.


The sofas and couches are supposedly the favorite places of the family members and guests alike. But, you often overlook this space while cleaning. It is essential to clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner once every week to remove all the dirt that might have accumulated over some time.

These are a few common places where you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean it frequently. Spending time regularly cleaning such sites will ensure your home is sparkling clean and reduce the cleaning stress when you occasionally tend to everything at home.

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