13 reasons why every engineering student should attempt GATE at least once

The GATE or the Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is fast becoming the norm that engineering and science students take recourse to right at the end of their Bachelor’s Degree. The exam is generally held in February every year and is a common entrance to pursue post-graduation courses in top-ranking institutes. Highly competitive in its own right, a GATE scorecard has more functions, and its validity extends beyond its mere function as an entrance exam. The GATE exam is not officially mandatory in the engineering course, but it might as well be. Students deciding against taking the exam are committing an error in decision-making, for it will surely have consequences for their future.


Here is a list of 13 reasons why engineering candidates should sit for the GATE exam at least once during their lifetime:

1. M.Tech degrees from top-ranking colleges

The PG course entrance is the GATE exam’s avowed purpose and the most common reason most people take the exam at the end of the year. Prestigious colleges conduct the exam, like the Indian Institutes of Technology scattered worldwide, collaborating with the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. THEREFORE, the GATE scores are given significant weightage and play an important role wherever you apply.

2. Experience in a highly competitive exam

Preparing for a competitive exam is a unique process, especially like GATE. It is, undeniably, hard work and requires effort, especially when coupled with the fact that most students have to prepare for it simultaneously with college exams. It pushes an individual to his best and opens a new avenue to knowing one’s true potential and capabilities.

3. Boost credentials

Arranged by the top colleges in the country, a good score and All India Rank in the GATE exam will be a nice addition to the achievement list on your curriculum vitae.

4. Expertise in subject or domain specialization

There are many facets to the GATE scorecard, and a good score in the domain or subject you eventually specialize in helps cement your expertise in the field. This is a great addition to your credentials, which will impress any potential employer.

5. Greater chances of job placements

A good rank and score in the GATE exam, coupled with a Master’s degree in Engineering, will enhance your chances of being placed in your dream companies with a job profile that suits your niche.

6. Stipend

GATE-qualified candidates are eligible for a monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month while pursuing their studies or research. The GATE scores and rank help facilitate this for your future.

7. Scholarships

Several scholarships are available to students, and a GATE-qualified candidate is at an advantage in being eligible for several scholarships.

8. Opportunities to study abroad

The GATE scores and rank are not only relevant within the boundaries of the nation. Many countries overseas also accept GATE scores. Respectable institutions like Germany and Singapore allow you to pursue further studies based on your GATE scores.

9. Junior Research Fellowship

The CSIR, or the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, is a recognized body dedicated to cultivating Science in India. It has several labs nationwide where candidates can pursue research if that is their calling. Preference is given to a GATE-qualified candidate for the Junior and Senior Research Fellowships under the prestigious CSIR.

10. Public Sector Undertaking

Many PSUPSUsre engineers with preference given to GATE-qualified candidates.

11. Teaching jobs

If teaching is your true calling and teaching in one of the top colleges is your life’s aim, then make sure you take the GATE exam to enjoy a fair advantage over your competitors.

12. Test of yourself

The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is an exam that tests your aptitude in the subject of your choice. Take the test and discover how deft you are in your topic.

13. A different route

After four years of slaving away for the Bachelor’s degree, most students take up job offers to break from the constant studying. But putting in the years for a PG course will ensure a brighter future with better jobs, job profiles that suit you, and a bigger pay scale. Take a different route and study some more to come out shining. You have just finished your B.Tech. Degree, you are still in touch with your subject and best disposed to appear for the GATE exam. These are a few reasons that should convince you to take the GATE exam at your prime.

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