Board Meeting Deck Templates For Seed Stage

You’ve raised finances, and formality has all started. This method month-to-month or quarterly conferences with your Board and your newly appointed participants from buyers. In line with their facts rights, they need updates from you. Darn. Another element to do! To assist you, I’ve put together a Board deck template to lighten the load of undertaking a Board Meeting.

Why do you want a Board deck?

Starting up is tough, and you don’t always have the answers. Fortunately, a great Board is on hand to ask the tough questions and provide a sounding board and any luck valuable perception.

As an early-stage startup, you may have meetings with the Board month-to-month, so there’s no hiding. It’s expected that you may prepare fabric in advance.


I’m not going to write a load of boring stuff approximately what a Board assembly is, why you need them, and so on. (People like Steve Blank cowl this stuff to numerous levels). So, take my phrase, you will have Board conferences… and having a pleasing template to kick matters off might be handy! Let’s get into the pragmatic stuff.

General Advice For Board Material

Don’t spend excessive time making the whole lot ideal until you are a public organization with one thousand workforces. It would help if you built your startup. Oli Samwer freaks out at MDs if the slides are pretty. Use my template, and the entirety will appear decent and based.
Slides have to be easy and use bullet factors. They are talking about aspects – this isn’t an essay. The assembly is for discussion.

It’s ideal to usually use a regular structure for every assembly so human beings understand what’s coming. Only alternate it while you reach a specific point in your company that warrants it, which includes transferring from trying to find product-marketplace in shape to scaling.
Targets and deliverables must be particular, and someone must be liable for handing over each account factor.

Don’t use jargon till absolutely everyone knows it.

Make it genuinely clear how the Board can help. Ask especially and at once! Don’t ask for recruiting help; ask for a specific role, and preferably have a JD. You need to ‘file’ statistics. However, beneficial conferences are forward focussed on what you need to do. This is wherein your future is extra valuable than the day before!

Best Practice Before A Board Meeting

Send the deck three/four days earlier, at least 24 hours, and tell the Board to be prepared. If directors have remarked, replace your deck with their remarks. Make the assembly and material dynamic in place of only one course. Including hard questions enables directors to ruminate over them and come to the meeting prepared with perception. If you have all of your financials and KPIs covered, you don’t want to run via numbers line with the aid of line, which offers you time for cost upload activities. Schedule the assembly per week in advance at a minimum. Ensure it is on all and sundry’s calendars. Send an ordinary calendar invite and check humans accept your invite.


Ensure everybody is settled on the frequency and duration of meetings. Want out of the meeting overview of cohorts or your landing web page; it’s ok to take manage and say outright that you d

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