Google Abandons Nik Collection Photo Editing Plugins

In another conventional tale of a large company purchasing out a loved product most effective to abandon it, Google is now dropping the development of the Nik Collection. After Google sold out Nik in 2012, they made all the Collection plugins lose the final yr and incorporated some of its features into their Snapseed cellular app. Sadly, a new observation posted at the Nik Collection internet site informs us it’s the give-up of an era.


I believe the photo modifying plugins inside the Nik Collection, consisting of Color Efex Pro and Viveza, are some of the first-rate gear ever created for post-processing. They are a critical part of many photographers’ editing workflows and soon be sufficient once it stops operating on up-to-date operating structures. Several human beings, including myself very, a lot covered, will be crying for their brilliant Nik management factors to return returned.

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A new message on the Nik Collection internet site reads: “We haven’t any plans to update the Collection or add new features through the years.”

Was it the sign of the stop as soon as Google sold Nik, or changed into it doomed when Google made the software lose? What are your backup plans when the Nik Collection stops working on your device? Let’s recognize your mind and vent your frustration with me inside the remarks beneath.

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