DJs: Here’s What You Need to Know About Liability Insurance

If you’re getting ready for your next gig, the last thing you want to worry about is a lawsuit because you skipped getting coverage. Regardless of where and what you play, your career relies heavily on playing an excellent set and your latest equipment. Ensuring your equipment is safe in an accident can be as simple as signing up for the proper coverage.

Liability Insurance

The right coverage will cover your stolen, damaged, or lost equipment regardless of where your next gig occurs. Coverage is imperative, given the amount you probably spend on your decks, mixers, laptops, audio equipment, and latest-tech sound gear. It also protects if you perform live and accidentally damage third-party property or injure someone. Not to mention that some venues will require your proof of insurance before allowing you to act on their premises.

Why Do I Need Equipment Cover?

DJ needs their tools to make those events happen. Yet, despite taking the utmost care of your gear, accidents can happen, especially when you move from one venue to another.

It’s that simple: If your equipment is damaged, stolen, or lost, you could be unable to perform and potentially lose money and stigma from missed performances.

However, ensuring your equipment means you won’t have to pay for replacements or repairs out of your pocket if something unexpected happens.

The same coverage will protect your gear at home, during a tourney, or in a secure studio. DJ insurance is one of the simplest, if not fastest, to arrange, and some agencies will not even require you to list every instrument or tool of your DJ kit you want to cover.

How Does Public Liability Insurance Work?

The chance is that some venues won’t allow you to perform unless you can prove you hold Public Liability Insurance.

The DJ liability insurance cost will vary, depending on your individual needs and type of equipment. Still, it will most importantly cover your legal liability if you’re held responsible for causing injury or damaging the venue. For instance, if your sound system destroys the venue’s electrical system or a party-goer trips over a wire and blames you for their injury.

On the other hand, you could end up working at a venue with a dishonest manager or owner. They may refuse to pay you, or a staff member may steal some of your equipment.

If that happens and you’re held responsible, the Public Liability coverage will protect you. Even so, the process of obtaining coverage is relatively straightforward, with quick and easy online quotes you can get online. No matter how you decide to sign for DJ insurance, it’s essential to spend time researching your options before you buy. It’s recommended that you get at least quotes from high-rate insurance companies before you buy, so budget a little energy and time into finding the right insurance for your needs and budget.

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