Home Loan Rates Rising? Home Loan Balance Transfer Helps You in This Way!

In the list of financial goals, buying a house is usually at the top for many people. However, the exorbitant real estate prices often make this goal a distant dream. This is where home loans are a great help. It is easy to finance a house property with housing loans without exhausting the savings. However, interest rates keep fluctuating; it is not uncommon for home loan interest rates to drop while you are already servicing one loan. You might feel you are paying much more than your contemporaries at such times. Thankfully, there is a better solution – a home loan balance transfer. Find out the details below.

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What Is a Home Loan Balance Transfer?

Lenders allow you to switch to another lender if you have paid your loan EMIs timely. This loan transfer from one lender to another is called a home loan balance transfer. You must foreclose the loan with the old lender in a balance transfer. The new lender pays the outstanding balance to the existing lender. You then have to pay the remaining EMIs to the new lender. You can transfer the loan if you pay a higher interest rate and another lender offers a lower interest rate.

How Can Balance Transfer Help You?

  • Help you get lower interest rates.

Reserve Bank of India’s benchmark rate on which your loan interest is based keeps fluctuating. This means there could be a drop in the home loan interest rates during the tenure. You can avail of a new loan with lower interest rates and save money with a balance transfer.

  • It helps you enjoy better features.

You can negotiate better terms and conditions for the new loan with the lender if you have a good repayment record and a high credit score. You could get facilities like top-up loans and overdraft facilities. A top-up loan facility can help you fund your other needs while servicing the loan. You can also enjoy better customer service, lower EMIs, etc.

  • Loan restructuring

You can restructure your loan with a balance transfer if you have high eligibility and a good repayment record. You can switch from a floating to a fixed interest rate. Similarly, you can also change your tenure as per your needs. If you face a financial crunch, you can extend the loan tenure to repay the loan EMI comfortably or shorten the loan tenure to close the loan faster.

To sum up

Paying higher EMIs while the home loan interest rates have dropped could be frustrating. A loan balance transfer is an easy solution to stop doing that. However, while you opt for a balance transfer, ensure that you save on interest outgo by doing a cost-benefit analysis. Use a home loan EMI calculator for best results and proceed with the application.

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