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Do You Know Much About How Your Brain Works? You Should!

I am a board-licensed cognitive-behavioral therapist who regularly lectures agencies approximately how to get out of despair, anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks without capsules. Here in Southern California, I am frequently requested to speak to companies of those who are still laid low with the losses caused by the California wildfires months, or even years, after the reality.


I typically try to train humans how their brains work to manipulate better the melancholy that may be a natural part of escaping from your burning residence with handiest the clothes in your again. Once such hearth sufferer said that she agreed with me inside the use of mind techniques and brain switching sports in preference to capsules.

She stated that during her monthly survivor institution meeting, of a few twenty girls, she was the handiest one who refused the health practitioner’s provider of anti-depressants. “And they were practically forcing them on me, handing me dozens of plastic packages of unfastened tablets. After years,” she said, “I am doing best. But everybody else remains to suffer, not handiest with their losses, but with the medicine’s side results.

Another female wrote me the subsequent letter: “I accumulate that there maybe this kind of component as PTSD, but it is quick-lived and to be predicted after trauma, similar to grieving must be time-restricted and “normal.” “Chronic” PTSD is where the water starts to muddy, the “sickness” model comes into play, and drugs are necessarily prescribed.

“I stay in a military city, so that is trouble our community faces often. Local information channels emphasize getting soldiers to “get assist,” which possibly normally approach “getting medicine.”

Also, I had been following the oil spill coverage, and one night time the reporter (on a main cable news channel) was bashing BP for not forwarding sufficient funds to offer psychiatric treatment to the citizens of the Gulf who are traumatized by way of the lack of wages, destruction of the surroundings, and many others. While I truly need Gulf residents to have wished assist and assistance, the outcry over a loss of price range for psych “remedy,” (which more than likely supposed medicinal drug) regarded misplaced.

“If you were counseling squaddies or Gulf citizens, I agree with you will train them to apply “brain switch” strategies, assist them to suppose mind that had been hopeful and nice, and manual them to keep in mind that for a while there might be ache and tears, however, there would additionally be a light at the give up of the tunnel. I assume you’ll attempt to strengthen their inner electricity and assist them to see their personal resilience.

The comments inside the letter make quite a few experiences. All struggling, despair and PTSD included can be and need to be understood in large terms of utilizing healthful mind functions, no longer mind pathology.

Too regularly, we cognizance the pathology of people’s reaction to worrying activities instead of specializing in how they could get admission to their herbal sources. The fundamental natural aid for any individual is a nicely-managed mind. For some reason, neither the scientific status quo, the psychological or psychiatric community, nor the academic gadget in this USA thinks it’s far critical to educate human beings on how their personal brains work. They might rather douse all our thoughts troubles with the medicinal drug.

We aren’t born with the understanding of how our brain works, and without it, how are we able to make the nice use of this very allowing (or, if no longer managed properly, this very dis-allowing )faculty? We realize we ought to get training earlier than we force a car; in any other case, we might be helpless passengers to a run-away device. But we do no longer searching for training in a way to use our brain, and so we become captives to this ruan-away bio-electrical device. And the brain is the maximum complicated and effective piece of machinery on the face of the earth.

Do the system by which you get from one concept to the other? Unless you do, you may be the servant of your mind in preference to its master. And you’ll move helplessly into locations wherein the brain decides to tug you, rather than to get your mind to help you move wherein you need to move–into effective and rational thinking and conduct.


Doctors teach you how to regain the right use of your legs and arms, or speech, following a stroke or physical trauma. But following a depressive episode, they by some means sense no responsibility to teach you how to regain proper use of your mind. Maybe they do not know enough about how the brain, without doubt, works, the method of ache notion, found out affiliation and the position of neuro-transmitters, the truth that every one despair is produced inside the subcortex. There is by no means any depression inside the neocortex, and the fact that you may learn how to move from focusing your interest on the agitated subcortex to beefing up the neural interest within the neocortex to be able to regain the right use of the neocortex and your regular rational colleges.

Jeffery D. Silvers
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